GPS SNiper school feature

GPS Defense Sniper School

Recently I had the pleasure of spending seven days at GPS Defense Sniper School in Arizona with some of the best in the business. I attended their five-day Sniper/Counter-Sniper (DDM) course and their two-day Advanced Sniper course. Whether you’re new to … [Read More...]

5 crimes youre committing at the range

5 Crimes You’re Committing at the Range

Who among us is without sin? We all commit petty crimes every now and then like speeding, telling tall tales, and the likes. Some are worse than others. However, most shooters I have seen over the years commit the following series of crimes EVERY time they go … [Read More...]


baja feature

48 Hours South Of The Border

Last week I was hanging out with Ryan Millen talking about his upcoming Baja 1000 race. We were reminiscing about previous trips south of the border and how we both missed the endless dirt roads, fantastic food, and the Baja experience. Ryan made a comment … [Read More...]