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Eagle Eye Precision
Review: Eagle Eye Precision

I recently had the pleasure of extensively testing what is now my favorite factory .308 ammunition on the market. The company that produces this superior…

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What is MOTUS?

MOTUS, when loosely translated from Latin, means moved, stirred, and inspired. We see MOTUS as a voice and a vehicle for a new breed of modern-day adventurers, philosophers, and warriors. The modern world presents each of us with a set of challenges unique to our time. Rapid access to information is sometimes mistaken for knowledge and skill. Those of us who believe that a strong basic set of fundamentals are essential, and look to the past to gain the keys to the future, are the core of this tribe.

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MOTUS Training combines in-depth skills and training editorial with hands on classes throughout the country. Working with skilled professionals in a variety of disciplines, students will get hands-on education and training to help them become better modern-day adventurers and warriors.

Diverse Curriculum

We’re working with industry leaders and professionals to bring you classes in firearms training, off-road recovery, medical skills, and more!

Exclusive Content

Training members get exclusive access to articles and editorial written by professional trainers on how to improve their own skill set.

Regional Training Classes

MOTUS Training classes are being scheduled across the country. We work with regional and national trainers to bring the curriculum to you.

Exclusive Merchandise and Products

MOTUS Training members get access to exclusive access to items like training course registration, training drills, skills tests, and patches.

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Our team is comprised of a unique group of adventurers, writers, and professionals from a wide variety of backgrounds and experiences.


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