GPS SNiper school feature

GPS Defense Sniper School

Recently I had the pleasure of spending seven days at GPS Defense Sniper School in Arizona with some of the best in the business. I attended their five-day Sniper/Counter-Sniper (DDM) course and their two-day Advanced Sniper course. Whether you’re new to … [Read More...]


2014 Vermont Overland Rally and Workshop

RECAP: 2014 Vermont Overland Rally and Workshop

As I drove north from the central east coast, the leaves had just begun to show color. The normal traffic and hustle of the 95 corridor greeted me with plenty of distractions to keep my focus from my surroundings. I was feeling excited as I knew I was … [Read More...]

Overland Expo East

Overland Expo East 2014

Vehicle dependent adventure travel is not a new concept to most of the MOTUS tribe. Packing up your daily ride, or your adventure rig as we like to call them, and heading out for destinations unknown is one of the easiest ways to get away from the daily grind. … [Read More...]