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MOTUS 666 Drill Shooting Challenge


Do you think that you have what it takes to pass the MOTUS 666 Drill? This shooting challenge tests the core fundamentals of marksmanship and practical handgun manipulation. Become part of a exclusive group of shooters who have what it takes to master the beast!

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The MOTUS 666 Drill was designed to test the core fundamentals of marksmanship as well as practical handgun manipulation for the shooting enthusiast. While many shooters may be fast or dead-on accurate, this shooting challenge tests a variety of skills in a single timed exercise. Through engaging multiple targets while forcing a mandatory reload from slide lock, this challenge proves that the devil really is in the details.

Upon purchasing the MOTUS 666 Drill, you’ll receive a downloadable PDF file that contains the following:

  • Overview of the MOTUS 666 Drill
  • Information regarding: Stage Setup, Start Position, Course of Fire, and Scoring
  • (2) Serialized official MOTUS targets

You can print out and use the targets as many times as you like, but only serialized targets with your name and number will be accepted for validation. Shooters who successfully complete and document the drill (see below) in the allowed time limit, can submit their targets for validation.

Upon successful completion and validation by MOTUS Staff, shooters will be awarded the MOTUS 666 Drill Challenge Coin and their name and time will be added to the list of official times.

Validation Process
Shooters have multiple ways to submit their successfully completed MOTUS 666 Drill for validation:

  1. Submit a link to an uploaded video (YouTube/Vimeo/Dropbox) showing both the successful completion of the drill in the allotted time (visual confirmation of shot timer/stop watch) and the serialized targets with your name and serial number on them.
  2. Have an existing MOTUS 666 Drill Challenge Coin holder witness successful completion of the drill and sign off as your witness using their name and serial number on the verification from.

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