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MOTUS 666 Drill Official Times

The following individuals have successfully completed the MOTUS 666 Drill and earned the coveted MOTUS Challenge Coin. All of the listed times have been verified by the MOTUS Staff and recorded here for your reference. In order to complete the MOTUS 666 Drill successfully, shooters must navigate a course of fire that tests your speed, accuracy, and ability to engage multiple targets under pressures.

Current Challenge Coin holders:

Wes Gruver   –  4.42 sec
Mike Centola – 4.56 sec
Jonathan C.  –  5.37 sec
Brett C.  –  5.50 sec
Abraham Hepler  –  5.76 sec
Keith Chadwick  –  5.83 sec
Jeff B.  –  5.86 sec
Lincoln O.  –  5.89 sec
Greg M.  –  5.95 sec
Clint Terrill  –  5.99 sec

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