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MOTUS Training combines in-depth skills and training editorial with hands on classes throughout the country. Working with skilled professionals in a variety of disciplines (firearms, bushcraft, off-road, survival, etc), students will get hands-on education and training to help them become better modern-day adventurers and warriors.

Whether you’re looking to improve you shooting skills, learn the best way to recover a stuck vehicle, or be knowledgeable and prepared when disaster strikes, the goal of MOTUS Training is prepare you the knowledge and knowhow so you’re ready for anything. Unlike other training that concentrates solely on one skill set, MOTUS Training seeks to provide a well-rounded approach for both beginners and seasoned adventurers.

By purchasing a MOTUS Training membership, you’ll have “members only” access to exclusive MOTUS Training content, products, and advanced notice on upcoming training courses and events.

Diverse Curriculum

We’re working with industry leaders and professionals to bring you classes in firearms training, off-road recovery, medical skills, and more!

Exclusive Content

Training members get exclusive access to articles and editorial written by professional trainers on how to improve their own skill set.

Regional Training Classes

MOTUS Training classes are being scheduled across the country. We work with regional and national trainers to bring the curriculum to you.

Exclusive Merchandise and Products

MOTUS Training members get access to exclusive access to items like training course registration, training drills, skills tests, and patches.

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