NEW: Venomrex 17-Inch Wheels for Ford and Toyota Trucks

NEW: Venomrex 17-Inch Wheels for Ford and Toyota Trucks

While you might not be familiar with Venomrex, if you’ve been around the car scene a minute, you’ll probably know their parent company – Vorsteiner. Vorsteiner has been making high-end forged wheels for sports and premium luxury cars for years. Now, they’re branching out into the off-road market under the Venomrex name. Their goal is to bring unique wheels to the off-road community through the use of European styling, coupled with cutting edge wheel engineering and manufacturing technologies.

Venomrex’s latest addition is 17-inch VR-602 wheel. It was designed to fit ’09 to ’19 Ford F-150, ’10 to ’19 Ford Raptor, ’02 to ’19 Toyota 4Runner, ’07 to ’14 Toyota FJ Cruiser, and ’16 and newer Toyota Tacomas. The 17×9-inch wheels feature tailored offsets for a direct fitment on these models with zero modifications. Derek Boler, Marketing Coordinator for Venomrex, states, “At Venomrex our goal is to bring some of the most advanced and forward-thinking wheel technology available to the off-road market. With the VR-602 we are expanding our offerings to include fitments for some of the most common off-road vehicles, with more launches coming this year.”

According to Venomrex, the wheels are made using an innovative “Flow-Fordged” construction process. Flow Forging uses excessive heat and pressure to “better align the molecular compound of the aluminum” in the manufacturing process. This essentially creates wheels with substantially higher impact tolerances than traditional cast wheels. The wheels also weigh up to 30% less than similar styles on the market. Coming in at just 24.4 pounds per wheel, the VR-602s reduce unsprung mass and allow for more acceleration and braking performance (when compared to heavier wheels).

The new VR-602 will run you $1,150 per set. The wheels are available in three different finishes: Coal Black, Highland Bronze, and Tungsten Graphite. They are available online and through select retailers worldwide. Venomrex offers a lifetime warranty against structural and manufacturer defects as well as a two-year cosmetic warranty on the finishing. Venomrex also makes other wheels for: Jeep JL, Jeep JK, Ram 1500, Toyota Tundra, Toyota FJ Cruiser, and Toyota 4Runner. For more information on the new VR-602, or to see their other wheel options, please visit their website.

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