Dialed Watch Bands

Dialed Watch Bands

While scrolling through the 'gram last week, we spotted a post highlighting some pretty clean looking Apple Watch bands. While there are a multitude of bands on Amazon in just about every color, the bands from Dialed Watch Company definitely stood out because of their iconic color patterns.  

Dialed actually started as a watch company in 2017. Their two watches - the Thirty-Six and Forty-Six - are an homage to the classic styling found in the gauges of iconic BMWs. The watches are available in either a stainless steel or black PVD case and start at $179. However, let's get back to the bands ...

In response to their customer's demands, they released a line of race inspired watch bands. This lineup includes options for traditional watches, Apple Watches, and other smartwatches as well. The Apple Watch bands - which is what caught our attention in the first place - come in eight different iconic color patterns.

Anyone who has been following off-road racing for more than a minute will instantly recognize the "Ivan" pattern. Or what about the "Heritage" pattern? All of the Apple Watch bands are available for 38/40MM or 42/44MM cases, and your choice of Space Grey or Stainless hardware. The bands retail for $20.

For more information, or to see the complete lineup of watch bands, visit the Dialed website.

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