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Magpul RLS Sling
Magpul Introduces the RLS Sling

Expanding upon the success and proven performance of Magpul’s line of MS Slings, the company just announced their new RLS Sling ($19.95). According to Magpul, “The RLS (Rifleman Loop Sling) is…

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The Bindle Bottle

Just when you thought the last thing we need is another vacuum bottle – along comes the Bindle Bottle. Unlike the classic vacuum bottle design, Bindle features an integrated secure…

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REACTOR Watches Releases The Gryphon Watch

REACTOR Watches has recently launched their Gryphon Watch ($350). Known for their durable and progressively styled sport watches, REACTOR’s Gryphon Watch is supposed to be the “toughest tactical watch ever created.” Let’s…

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