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MOTUS 666 Members
The MOTUS 666 Drill Explained

Since we launched the MOTUS 666 Drill for MOTUS Training members, we’ve had quite a few questions about the purpose of the drill and how it benefits a shooter. MOTUS Contributor Wes Gruver, architect of the drill, will break it down for us in this article. Also, Ironworks Tactical, our MOTUS Training partners, give us their thoughts…

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Interview with Ironworks Tactical

If you’re not already familiar with Ironworks Tactical, they’re a veteran owned and operated company who specializes in building beyond mil-spec AR platform rifles as well as providing firearms education and training classes. Ironworks Tactical (IWT) will be teaching Handgun Fundamentals, Intermediate and Advanced Handgun Fundamentals, and Everyday Carry through MOTUS Training. Their first class kicks…

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The Fox Mindset
The Fox Mindset

In today’s world there are many different types of mindsets people use to get through everyday life. Some call it a lifestyle or a mantra while others might call it philosophy or guiding principles, but each person lives by their own code. Sometimes they are culturally based and other times they are due to traumas…

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