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Interview: Ted Harty of Immersion Freediving

I met Ted Harty a few years back at the DEMA convention in Orlando. DEMA is a huge diving industry trade show and they had a demo pool setup inside with various events going on like equipment demos and classes. At the encouragement of other SCUBA Instructor friends, I somehow got sucked into a breath holding demo…

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RECAP: MOTUS Training x Ironworks Tactical Handgun Fundamentals

Two weeks ago, a group of MOTUS Training students gathered in SoCal at Prado Olympic Shooting Park for our first Ironworks Tactical Handgun Fundamentals class. This one day pistol course focused on safety and accuracy, while teaching students the proper fundamentals of marksmanship. Some of the day’s topics included: firearms safety, loading and unloading, grip ,stance, slight alignment/sight picture,…

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An In-Depth Look at Selecting a Conceal Carry Holster

There are many advantages to living in Europe.  Access to firing ranges, state of the art training, and keeping abreast of the latest in concealed carry techniques and technology, however, are not on the list. When I moved to Europe, the way people generally carried concealed was in the process of changing. It was not much…

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Living the Life

Regardless of how diligent we attempt to be in our daily lives, we often get caught up in the hustle and bustle of responsibilities, and obligations. We get so buried in the pace of everyday life that we sometimes need an event to jolt us into reality and remind us to be alive, adapt, and…

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