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Looking Back: MOTUS PAPM Class

Looking back on 2015, one of my most memorable weekends of training occurred in Daytona Beach at the Big 3 East Tactical Training Center while attending the MOTUS PAPM long-range precision 2 day class. I am constantly trying to improve as a shooter and I had heard about MOTUS before, so I decided to investigate. Once I found…

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In Plain Sight: The Gray Man – Part 1

Covert : made, shown, or done in a way that is not easily seen or noticed : secret or hidden In this multi-part series, it is our intention to discuss the principles of going about your day in as low profile a manner as possible. What are the advantages of going “Gray?” For the record the image…

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2015 Vermont Overland Rally
2015 Vermont Overland Rally

MOTUS is headed back to Vermont for this year’s 2015 Vermont Overland Rally. This incredible event, which is held October 8-11, takes place at the picturesque Lillie Brook Farm in Rockingham. The theme of this year’s rally is a “Taste of Vermont.” Throughout the entire weekend, attendees will be given a test of the very…

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New Practical Application of Precision Marksmanship Course

MOTUS is pleased to announced that our first Practical Application of Precision Marksmanship course will be launching next month. The class is designed to give shooters the basic foundational skills to engage a target out to 500 meters. Planned with a “come as you are” approach in mind, the PAPM course is not tied to a…

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