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Tracking Humans and Riding Horses

One of the oldest forms of transportation is the horse. Since the invention of the motor vehicle most of us don’t ever really find any use for the horse except for recreational pursuits or taking a loved one on one of those sunset beach trots on some tropical island. In 2001 a small SOF outfit…

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RMI Launches Med Course For Global Travelers

Remote Medical International (RMI), one of the leading service providers of remote medical training and support services, has just announced a new Remote Medicine Awareness Training (RMAT) class. The RMAT course is designed with corporate travelers in mind, but has applications for individuals looking to travel abroad.  RMAT is a hands-on and scenario-based class that allows employers to…

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The Survival Tree

A lot of people have asked me about how they could increase their survivability in an active shooter situation. The reality is sometimes you can’t win and that’s something you should be training for. Train for the worst day of your life and hopefully when it happens it’s nowhere near the level you trained for. If…

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New Magpul CORE Classes Added

If you’re looking to add a little training or skills improvement to your schedule this summer, Magpul recently added two new classes to the their Magpul CORE Training offerings. The classes, which will be held in Lance Creek, Wyoming, focus on Tactical Movement and Concealment (3 Days) as well as Wilderness Navigation (2 Days). Tuition…

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