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Team 5 + Expedition Overland Joint Mission

Earlier this year, we reached out to the MOTUS tribe in order to raise some much-needed funds for Team 5. Through the sale of a limited edition mission patch, we able to send this incredible non-profit on a medical mission to Central America. If you’re not already familiar with Team 5, they are a group comprised of Special Forces medical…

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10 Questions: Eric Bauer, Founder of Triple 7 Gear

1. How did Triple 7 Gear come to fruition? What was the motivation behind starting the company? It was definitely the overwhelmingly positive response to my first Kickstarter campaign, that event provided me with more than enough motivation to start a company and the confidence to create and produce more gear. 2. What kind of…

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Tools Of The Trade: Working On The Road Like A Boss

“How the hell do you travel so much and still stay on top of things?” I get this question all the time. Nothing beats sitting at your desk with big screens and meaty hardware, but it’s totally possible to keep the swelling inbox at bay, communicate with the team, and generate content in a compact…

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New Practical Application of Precision Marksmanship Course

MOTUS is pleased to announced that our first Practical Application of Precision Marksmanship course will be launching next month. The class is designed to give shooters the basic foundational skills to engage a target out to 500 meters. Planned with a “come as you are” approach in mind, the PAPM course is not tied to a…

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