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DIY Whiskey Aging
DIY Whiskey Aging on Kickstarter

Kickstarter is typically the greatest yard sale of solutions looking for a problems. However, every now and then you run across something interesting that catches your attention. Enter the concept of DIY whiskey aging. I had never given much thought about trying to age your own spirits at home until I saw these three current Kickstarter campaigns: DIY…

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The Cult of Brand X

Lets face it, we are all consumers. Knowing, and accepting that fact, I want to discuss brand loyalty verses brand idolatry. Consumer product designers and manufacturers create products that they hope will resonate in the market. They hope these products will be well received by a target audience and serve a purpose. That purpose may…

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American Patriot Outfitters Veteran Turkey Hunt

Earlier this year I was invited to attend a turkey hunt at a veterans retreat hosted by American Patriot Outfitters (APO). APO is veterans helping veterans through outdoor activities in oder to rehabilitate the mind, body, and soul while fostering a sense of camaraderie and well-being. These events are free to veterans with the belief that we all need…

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2015 Vermont Overland Rally
2015 Vermont Overland Rally

MOTUS is headed back to Vermont for this year’s 2015 Vermont Overland Rally. This incredible event, which is held October 8-11, takes place at the picturesque Lillie Brook Farm in Rockingham. The theme of this year’s rally is a “Taste of Vermont.” Throughout the entire weekend, attendees will be given a test of the very…

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