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Why The Combat Flip Flops Shark Tank Deal Is A Win For All Of Us

Looking back on the weekend, the biggest win wasn’t the one that came out of Levi’s Stadium in San Francisco, but rather the one that took place on Friday night during ABC’s Shark Tank. The Denver Broncos and Carolina Panthers might have slugged it out to see who would take home the Lombardi trophy, but the real…

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Looking Back: MOTUS PAPM Class

Looking back on 2015, one of my most memorable weekends of training occurred in Daytona Beach at the Big 3 East Tactical Training Center while attending the MOTUS PAPM long-range precision 2 day class. I am constantly trying to improve as a shooter and I had heard about MOTUS before, so I decided to investigate. Once I found…

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Red Bull Knock Out
VIDEO: Red Bull Knock Out

Every now and then you run across an event that seems totally nuts and that you would have to be insane to even attempt it. Enter the Red Bull Knock Out. The Knock Out is a legendary enduro/motocross race that returned to The Hague Beach after a seven-year hiatus. It’s one of the largest and toughest beach…

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