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Star Spangled Gear: Make Your 4th of July BBQ Kick Ass This Year

Most of the year, we subscribe to keeping a low profile here at MOTUS. From testing new ski gear on Mt. Hood to hitting our favorite jeep trails in Moab, we prefer our understated gear to speak for itself. For the 4th though, that all goes out the window as we celebrate the most epic break up letter ever penned (Thanks Mr. Jefferson!), and this country that we are proud to call home. Without further ado, here are our picks for the best gear to make your backyard BBQ the most absolutely ‘Merican party in town.

Melvin Killer Bees American Blonde AleBeer

We recently discovered Wyoming’s Melvin Brewing, and we couldn’t be happier getting a little buzz after a day on the trail or our favorite fishing spot (sorry dudes, not sharing where we go for trout slaying). For the 4th, your best bet is Melvin’s Killer Bees American Blonde Ale. At 5% ABV, you won’t get wrecked before your kids decide it’s time for fireworks, and it goes perfectly with that medium rare burger you just pulled off the grill. Trust us on this one and thank us later.

Find it here.

Duluth Trading Company Buck Naked underwearBoxer Briefs

Sure, a lot of our readers are probably going to be spending the day rocking a pair of super short, one-size-too-small Silkies (skies out thighs out!). Some of us need a little more support for a day of serious grilling. We’ve been rocking Duluth Trading Co’s Buck Naked underwear for a few months now. From trail running to mowing the lawn, and if you want your boys to feel like they’re being held up by the soft wings of a bald eagle, accept no substitute. Theses limited edition boxer briefs won’t be around long, so get them while they’re hot!

Find it here.

Rhone 4th of July Element Short Sleeve ShirtShirt

It’s time to ditch that bargain bin American Flag shirt that has mustard stains on it from 2010. Rhone’s 4th of July Element Short Sleeve is a Pima Cotton, polyester blend. What does that mean? It wicks sweat like a champ, will hold its shape after a few too many washes, and will double as an excellent gym shirt when you’re crushing your next SOFLETE workout. 

Find it here.

Otterbox 45qt Venture CoolerCooler

We’re going to piss some RTIC and YETI fans off with this one, and our only comment here is, you guys are dead wrong. Otterbox’s cooler line is made in America, features some amazing accessories (more on that with a full review soon), and the injection molded insulation will blow your favorite cooler away. We tested a 45qt Venture on multiple trips to Moab and Zion, and have been nothing but impressed. The best part? The Old Glory color is on sale July 4th through the 6th.

Find it here.



These aren’t your typical boot socks. Yeah, we know, 5.11 has been a little hit or miss with some of the product line over the years. And yes, they are the uniform of “grey men” in tans and greens the world over who couldn’t hide in plain sight to save their lives. The Sock and Awe line is different (and better). We took the American Flag Crew out for a day of crossfit, light hiking, and a pub crawl. After more than 14 hours on our feet, we had no hotspots, our feet were dry, and we even had an extra tequila shot at last call. No, they won’t be replacing our dedicated merino socks for all day winter trail romps, but damn, they look good with a pair of Altama OTBs in Multicam Black. Expect to see all the cool tactical skater dudes wearing them this summer.

Find it here.

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Austin Parker is a powder skier and alpine climber, which typically translates into hauling heavy gear uphill in bad weather. When not enjoying getting rained or snowed on he is probably geeking out about the latest apparel fabric innovation or obsessing over shaving the last few ounces off his backpacking load. An amateur fly fisherman and outdoors photographer, he seems to always have his tenkara rod and Gopro handy. After spending time in the army and defense industry he saw the light and moved to Utah to enjoy mountain living by chasing every big snowstorm that crosses into his little patch of the Rockies.

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