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Fire Department Coffee Adds Two New Blends

The team at Fire Department Coffee has been busy! They recently added two new blends to compliment their Bourbon Infused Coffee – Rum Infused Coffee and Tequila Infused Coffee.

Fire Department Coffee Rum Infused CoffeeThe Rum Infused Coffee “takes you straight to tropical shores with the kick of caffeine that you need to get the job done.” Typical cask barrel aged coffee can have a harsh or overwhelming flavor from the shared wood barrel. Fire Department Coffee uses a property infusion process. According to them, it’s never been done before in coffee production. According to the website, “consumers will taste the flavor they love with none of the harshness of the barrel aging process, just smooth Fire Dept. Coffee with the delicious smells and tastes of Rum.” The Rum Infused Coffee is available in a 1 pound bag and sells for $19.99.

Fire Department Coffee Tequila Infused CoffeeThe Tequila Infused Coffee is produced similarly to the Rum Infused Coffee. It uses Fire Department Coffee’s proprietary infusion process. According to the company, the coffee “conveys the delicious complexity of the drink you know and love, with hints of lime and a crisp, sweet finish.” The Tequila Infused Coffee also comes in a 1 pound bag for $19.99. In addition to a single purchase option, customers can order a subscription with automatic shipping. If you take the subscription route, you’ll get 30% off your initial purchase and 10% off future purchases.

Fire Department CoffeeFor more information on the Rum Infused Coffee or Tequila Infused Coffee, head on over to the Fire Department Coffee website. Be sure to check out their Bourbon Infused Coffee as well. Here comes the hard part – which one do you try first?

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