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Frederick Afield: 5.11 Tactical 1750 Hard Case Kitchen

This year I’ve got a fair amount of camping in, one trip a month on average, or close to it. Most of the trips have been multiple nights out, including a two-week trek through the Four-Corners area and then meeting up with a group of Land Cruiser owners in Ouray, CO. I’ve built a nice, fully stocked chuck box. It’s great for when you’re going to set up camp for a few nights and want to be able to cook something/anything more than just hot water. But for the shorter trips, I’ve been thinking about pairing down a bit, so I’ve put together the Mini-Kitchen. I wanted to share with you the process and how I went about it.

5.11 Tactical 1750 Hard Case Kitchen with TrekPakI started with a 5.11 Tactical hard case, specifically the 1750 model ($149.99). (In full disclosure, I’m a long-term 5.11 Tactical employee.) The case measures 20.38″ x 11.44″ x 7.5″. It’s crush proof, dust proof, and fully submersible so it was an ideal candidate for something that will get heavy use in the outdoors in a variety of elements. The first step was to sort out all of the basic items I wanted to carry with me.

5.11 Tactical 1750 Hard Case Kitchen with TrekPakThe basics included: Jetboil/fuel, french press and coffee grinder (a must-have). Basic utensils, mug, bowl, plate, salt/pepper, small CR123 flashlight, glow stick, matches and a few other odds and ends. This all needed to fit inside this case. Previously I’ve kept a small coffee kit in the rig consisting of the Jetboil, grinder and french press, so all of that need to find its way into its new home.

I stopped by to see the guys at Goose Gear in Huntington Beach, CA who built the platform, cabinets and drawers for my truck. They had just received a fresh shipment of TrekPak system components. After a brief wave of sticker shock passed, I left Goose Gear with enough TrekPak to build my Mini-Kitchen out as well as a slightly larger Zarges aluminum case that is my camp pantry.

5.11 Tactical 1750 Hard Case Kitchen with TrekPakTrekPak pieces are available in a number of heights, for this 5.11 Tactical 1750 hard case, 3” height is just about perfect.

5.11 Tactical 1750 Hard Case Kitchen with TrekPakThe TrekPak cutting tool makes it pretty easy, don’t scrimp on that doodad.

5.11 Tactical 1750 Hard Case Kitchen with TrekPakOnce I had the case boxed in, I gathered all the contents and then began cutting the interior dividers to fit.

5.11 Tactical 1750 Hard Case Kitchen with TrekPakThen its just a matter of inserting the dividers, pushing in the “U” shaped metal pins (note the nice bright red pull-tabs), and filling out the box.

MOTUS Hardcase Kitchen TrekPak 21Some test-fitting and adjusting, and the Mini-Kitchen is packed and ready for a quick overnight trip.

MOTUS Hardcase Kitchen TrekPak 11The 5.11 Tactical 1750 hard case stows perfectly above the Goose Gear cabinet.

MOTUS Trona PinnaclesSouthern California camping season is just now coming into its prime. I can’t wait to get out there and enjoy the cooler weather and austere views!

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