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Kuju Pocket PourOver Coffee

If you love a good cup of coffee, but want a simple solution when you’re camping or on the go, check out Kuju Coffee. Kuju was founded by Jeff and Justin, two Eagle Scout brothers with a passion for quality coffee and the great outdoors. After growing tired of drinking instant on camping trips, they decided to find a better way to make a good cup of coffee. Enter the Pocket PourOver.

kuju-pocket-pourover-coffeeThe Kuju Pocket PourOver is a single serve cup of coffee that has all the packability and ease of instant coffee, but is far superior because you’re brewing it fresh. The single serve pour over pouch is nothing new. Asian coffee companies have been making them for years. The difference with Kuju is the grade of coffee being used. It’s a more premium blend of organic, small batch roasted coffees and isn’t your basic generic cup of joe.

kuju-pocket-pourover-coffeeMaking a cup of coffee using the Kuju Pocket PourOver is as easy as 1-2-3. You simply remove the pre-packed filter from the travel pouch. Then, expand it until it’s fully open and secure it over your favorite coffee cup or insulated bottle. Add hot water from your kettle and you’re making coffee in no time flat. Kuju says that ideally you want your water just below a boil and that you allow it to brew for three to five minutes. One Pocket PourOver pouch will brew a 8 to 12 ounce cup of coffee.

kuju-pocket-pourover-coffeeThe Kuju Pocket PourOver comes in three different varieties: Basecamp Blend, Bold Awakenings, and Angels Landing. Basecamp is full-bodied, has medium acidity, and has notes of oak, chocolate, and honey. Bold Awakenings is also full-bodied, but has low acidity and is more earthy with notes of dark cocoa and dried berries. Angels Landing has more complex floral and nutty notes with citrus overtones. It’s the lightest of the three blends.

kuju-pocket-pourover-coffeeThe Pocket PourOvers are typically sold as 10-pack boxes. They retail for $25, or $2.50 per cup. You can also buy a variety pack ($25) or a trail kit ($15) if you want to sample all the different flavors to find out which one you like more. They also sell assorted mugs, kettles and travel bags on their website to go along with the Pocket PourOver packets.

One cool thing we learned about Kuju is their dedication to Conscious Sourcing. According to Kuju, that means, “Conscious Sourcing is not just about great coffee and enabling farmers to flourish (we do that), but more importantly, about cultivating humanity. That’s why Kuju primarily sources from a farm that employs over 80 former sex trafficked victims.”

kuju-pocket-pourover-coffeeFor more information on Kuju Pocket PourOver Coffee, or to learn more about their #Take2toBrew campaign, please visit their website.

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Zach is Editor and Founder of MOTUS. He's also a foodie, off-road and backcountry adventure travel lover, and has coffee running through his veins 24/7.

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