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Review: Triple Aught Design Spartan RS Pant

There is no shortage of tactical pants in today’s marketplace. Some companies have innovated in this category and others have jumped on the ever-growing “tactical lifestyle” bandwagon. Triple Aught Design, (otherwise known as TAD Gear) is one of the innovators and today we are going to take a closer look at their Spartan RS Pant.


The Spartan RS pant is constructed of  a nylon cotton blend in a ripstop construction. By blending these two materials you get the durability properties of nylon and the comfort from cotton. The standard ripstop pattern ensures small holes don’t become giant tears. There’s a gusseted crotch to add flexibility with bar tacks in high stress areas. A unique feature is the triple stitch on the inner an outer seams. It’s a bit over the top but it does make them extra strong. There are 8 pockets with two of them being hidden pockets towards the seat of the pants which is a nice feature.

6a85f3626d3264acab248bb63ccf38f4My favorite feature of the pants is that they don’t look “tactical”. Sure they are made of rip stop and there are two upper thigh pockets but the styling and fit blend in nicely. I know they blend in better than most tactical pants because my wife doesn’t make jokes about me breaching the castle walls and friends who have no interest in gear or tactical products ask me what pants am I wearing. Another key feature that I think is worth mentioning is that they are made in the USA.


The pants have been through 4 day training classes, camping, 5 days in the Wyoming backcountry and out in the California mountains on long hikes. They’ve been through harsh brush, sliding through loose rock fields and more. Overall the durability has been outstanding and they are comfortable. No rips or tears so far and they seem to be wearing fine. They’ve been washed several times and have been holding up. I do line dry them but not because the instructions say so, it’s more of what I do with most pants I own. The most interesting pockets are these two upper thigh pockets. They can fit a 30 round AR mag if you are at the range and don’t like wearing battle belts or chest rigs. It also fits a iPhone 6s quite well. I’ve also put a small field notes book in there which is great cause it keeps the main pockets from being overcrowded. The main pockets have a reinforced corner for knives with a clip or a flashlight depending on your preference. The hidden pockets are a decent size and run pretty deep. They are more for documents or hidden paper money if you are traveling in areas known for pick pockets. There’s also small hidden pocket inside the main pockets to further help with organization.


Overall these are great pants, and with a price of $109, I would say that it’s a fair value. These are made in the USA, and typically stuff made here fetches a bit more coin. If you are a fan of tactical style pants, but don’t want to look like you are tac-ninja, I would take a look at these. TAD has other styles and is worth checking out. For more info on the TAD Spartan RS visit here.

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