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Frederick Afield – Turf N Surf 2016

Each year in November, Land Cruiser and Toyota enthusiasts from all over the Western US – and the World – convene on Pismo Beach, CA for the annual Turf N Surf event held at Oceano Dunes SVRA. With more than five miles of beach, this is the only California State Park where you can drive on the dunes.


This year marks the 5th annual Turf N Surf event, organized by the Central Coast Land Cruiser Club out of San Luis Obispo County. In its previous incarnation the event was known as Surf N Turf and was organized for ten years by a gent known as PismoJim. PismoJim can still be found at the event while Seth and his crew at Central Coast Land Cruisers continue to coordinate an event where Toyota TEQ will get in your blood, and sand will get in all sorts of other places. Anyway, enough rambling, how about some photo highlights…


Its only natural that when drivers get the chance to wander the dunes some grow their bravery to a point of exuberance and go for it. After a group photo opportunity with more Cruisers than you could capture in one image and a poker run an impromptu air contest. It was great to see such a wide range of rigs (from stock to highly modified) roar up that big dune, more often than not getting some daylight under the tires.


This years event coincided with the Super Moon, and a huge tide (up to the marker signs). The weather was beautiful all around with a light breeze and mild temperatures. Just cool enough at night that a campfire felt good to sit around and tell tales.




There were a lot of Toyotas that stood out, and from personal experience they all have interesting stories to tell but I thought it would be good to share one that was especially interesting. A couple from France attended in a DIY camper conversion based on a 70 Series pickup. The camper is made from sandwich panels (aluminum and polystyrene) and features a well-organized and outfitted interior complete with shower, toilet and kitchen.  They’re nine months into a two year North and South American journey, so follow them on their website and be sure to check out their build story! (HINT: Try out the Google Chrome translate plugin.)


Find your local TLCA (Toyota Land Cruiser Association) club and get out there and explore!


For more about Matt Frederick and his work visit The Mirror Pool and Ether Nectar.

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