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Kula Cooler – The Round Cooler

Watch out YETI! There is a new cooler in town and we have to say that they look pretty promising. Say hello to the KULA. Unlike traditional rectangle or square-shaped coolers, the KULA is round like a five gallon bucket. It’s easy to travel with, lightweight, and comes in handy when you need a place to sit or something to stand on. Let’s take a closer look …

KULA coolers

The KULA Cooler comes in three colors: White, Grey, and Seafoam.

The KULA features a proprietary Gatorshell® exterior of roto molded plastics construction. It’s the only cooler certified “Gator Proof” by the Gator Proof Alliance. Is that really even a thing? I guess if you can “bear proof” coolers then making them “gator proof” might be just as good. In addition to the Gatorshell®, the cool has what they like to call “Badass® Insulation”. No, we are not making this up. It’s actually called Badass® Insulation and they consider it their “secret recipe” to making your cold drinks and ice last longer than the other companies out there.

KULA cooler white

The TOTE handle makes the KULA easy to carry one handed.

The cooler comes with a stainless steel “TOTE” handle. The handle rotates both forward and backward, making it easy to carry and transport one-handed. The lid of the cooler features Lid Trax to make it extra comfy to sit on. Since most people sit on their coolers anyway, why not make it something you don’t actually mind sitting on for any duration of time?

KULA coolerTwo other nice features about the KULA Cooler are the tub drain and the bottle opener. Unlike other coolers that have a drain on the side or no drain at all, the KULA is easy to empty with a drain plug smack dab in the middle of the bottom. Just twist, drain, and you’re good to go. The Bottle Jaws – stainless steel bottle opener – comes standard. Seriously, shouldn’t all coolers come with a built-in bottle opener anyway?

KULA Cooler travel slingThe KULA comes standard with side mounted, stainless steel pins. These work great as lashing points or make it easy to attach the optional Travelink carry sling ($39.99). The sling is an adjustable strap, constructed with high strength nylon, and is double stitched for added durability. It also features a rubber mesh backing for comfort when transporting the KULA.

For more information on the KULA Cooler, watch the video above. You can also visit their website. The cooler retails for $249.99 and is available in three color options: Seafoam, White, and Grey. It also comes with a 5 year limited warranty.

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