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​King Of The Hammers Comes To NBC Sports

If you’re a fan of rock buggies and desert racing, ULTRA4 Racing and King of the Hammers (KOH) just dropped some awesome news! Starting next week, NBC Sports will air a six episode series titled “Journey to The Hammers” on Thursday nights.

“Journey to The Hammers” will focus on what ULTRA4 Racing is all about. It will give an inside look at the divers, the teams, and the lifestyle in way that has never been seen on television before. The six part series will feature three episodes on King of The Hammers week, including a one hour special on the main event as well as two half-hour specials on the King of the Motos race, Hammers UTV race, and the Smittybuilt Every Man Challenge.

The final three episodes of “Journey to The Hammers” will feature all six of the Trail-Gear Western Regional and 4WD Eastern Regional races. The series will follow the 2016 season in chronological order, starting with King of The Motos and ending with the ULTRA4 Fallon 250 race taking place in two weeks in Fallon, NV.

“Journey to The Hammers” will air on NBC Sports staring Thursday, August 25th. It will air during the 8PM PDT time slot. You can check our local service provider for channel information. For more information on ULTRA4 Racing, or to learn more about “Journey to The Hammers”, please visit the ULTRA4 website.

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