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RMI Launches Med Course For Global Travelers

Remote Medical International (RMI), one of the leading service providers of remote medical training and support services, has just announced a new Remote Medicine Awareness Training (RMAT) class. The RMAT course is designed with corporate travelers in mind, but has applications for individuals looking to travel abroad. 

RMAT is a hands-on and scenario-based class that allows employers to fulfill their “duty of care” obligations when sending staff overseas. It provides clear instruction on how to act and care for ill or injured patients in a high-risk environment. According to Wayne Wager, CEO of Remote Medical International, “The world is getting smaller, but unfortunately, not safer. Our new RMAT course enables companies to prepare their employees, keeping them safe and healthy when traveling and meet their duty of care obligations, whether they are five minutes or five hundred miles away from a hospital.”

RMI RMAT classThe eight-hour course is available as either private training for groups or organizations. Students of the class will learn pre-trip planning skills and how to assess a scene, suppress threats, lift and move patients, and understand the difference between high-risk and conventional medicine. It will also cover how to manage head injuries, spinal injuries, basic airway blockages, basic wounds, mass casualty incidents, motor vehicle accidents, and more.

Remote Medical International (RMI) has provided remote and wilderness medical training to over 17,000 students worldwide. Their training courses range from Basic First Aid to an advanced Remote Medicine for the Advanced Provider course for medical professionals. For more information on the new Remote Medicine Awareness Training (RMAT) class, or any of the other classes offered by RMI, please visit their website or give them a call at (206) 686-4878.

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