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Review: Fenix RC09 Titanium Flashlight

FENIX RC09TI TITANIUM FLASHLIGHTI’ll be the first to admit that I’m a flashlight junkie. My collection of flashlights varies widely and is composed of all different brands and sizes. It contains a wide of assortment of brands like SureFire, 5.11 Tactical, Coast, Streamlight, Maglite and now Fenix. As you can tell from the photo above, I like lights. I like ‘em a lot! I almost always have one on me, and if there isn’t one on me, there is definitely one within reach.


As you can clearly tell from the photo, I wasn’t easy on the Fenix!

Recently I came across the Fenix RC09 Titanium Flashlight (model #RC09TI). I was immediately attracted to its small, sleek look and size. I also really liked that it has a titanium body and weighs just 1.59 oz. without the battery.

FENIX RC09TI TITANIUM FLASHLIGHTAnother selling point was the magnetic base. You can place the flashlight against most metal surfaces and aim the light in the direction you need. I also use a magnetic shop light on my toolbox or when wrenching on the trucks, so I thought this would come in quite handy.


The Fenix RC09 Titanium Flashlight is the first flashlight to feature a magnetic charging port and a dual purpose charging cable for both magnetic and Micro USB charging ports. It is such a great idea and really works well in practical application.

FENIX RC09TI TITANIUM FLASHLIGHTThe Fenix has five modes of light output: low (5 lumens), medium (50 lumens), high (150 lumens), and both strobe and turbo strobe (both are 550 lumens). The flashlight comes with an lanyard, nylon case, removable clip, spare O-ring, charging cable, and one rechargeable 16340 Li-ion battery. Above you see the Fenix RC09 Titanium Flashlight‘s 150 lumen mode (shown on the right) compared to my SureFire Backup EB1’s 200 lumen mode. The later generation of LEDs is clearly brighter.

fenix titanium flashlightThere are an abundance of flashlights out on the market and I’m obviously a proponent that there is no reason to only have one. I keep at least one in each vehicle and my backpack. Each flashlight is suited to a specific need or function. On the subject of specific needs, since I have mentioned a lot of positives about the Fenix, I’ll explain one con. While it’s not necessarily a con, but more of an observation.

If you are looking for a light to reply quickly in a self-defense or tactical situation like most of the other flashlights pictured in the first photo, stick to one with the button on the base. The Fenix has the selector button on the side of the body and it’s relatively small. Pressing it regularly becomes easy, but I would be concerned that finding it when you need it under pressure may be difficult or challenging, However, that being said, it is all relative to what you plan to use the flashlight for.

Overall, here are my final thoughts on the Fenix RC09 Titanium Flashlight. It’s very well made, dependable, and performs great. I carry it often and I get a lot of use out of the magnetic base and user-friendly charger. At $99.00, it’s a great value and a lot less expensive than some of the other flashlights of similar size and output. I highly recommend it! For more information on the Fenix RC09 Titanium Flashlight, check out the company’s website or find your local dealer.

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