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Kammok Firebelly Trail Quilt

Even though summer is in full swing, evenings temperatures at camp can get chilly. This is especially true when you’re camped along the beach or up in the mountains. Rather than tossing on another layer, you might want to snuggle up with the Kammok Firebelly Trail Quilt. Kammok, a company who designs gear and apparel for the socially conscious adventurer, claims the Firebelly is “the best trail rated quilt ever produced.”

Kammok Firebelly Trail Quilt

The Kammok Firebelly Trail Quilt weighs just 23 ounces!

That sounds like tall order, but Kammok is confident given the Firebelly’s proprietary features. Those include the use of Atmos fabric and Insotect Flow technology. Atmos is Kammok’s own ripstop nylon fabric that’s made from high tenacity yarns and blends. The unique mix provides unprecedented durability with thermal reflective properties. It also amplifies retention of your body heat, maintaining a comfortable equilibrium. The Insotect Flow technology incorporates Flowgates. These “gates” help eliminate cold spots in the blanket by maintaining unmatched, high loft battle channels. Long story short, there is a whole lot of science at work in the Firebelly.

Kammok Firebelly Trail Quilt

The Kammok Firebelly Trail Quilt helps take the chill out of the morning mountain air.

In addition to the Atmos and Insotect Flow technology, the Firebelly Trail Quilt uses 750 fill, water-repellant down feathers for a luxurious comfort. Measuring roughly 80″ x 55″, the Firebelly weighs just 23 ounces. It’s also rated to down 30 degrees Fahrenheit. One feature we really like is the addition of the six button snaps and drawcords. When snapped together and the cords pulled tight, the quilt creates a nice foot box for keeping your toes extra warm on those chilly nights or early mornings.

Kammok Firebelly Trail Quilt mountainsThe Kammok Firebelly Trail Quilt retails for $299 and can be purchased on the company’s website or at your local Kammok retailer. blanket also comes with a lifetime warranty. For more information on the Firebelly, or to learn more about Kammok, please visit their website.

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