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Change Your World Fund Awards First Grantee

The Smithsonian Institution’s Human Origins department chose change as a defining human characteristic. Humans change the world. While our media, news, and social channels can be flooded with all the negative changes caused by humans of the world, we also have the power to change the world in positive ways as well. Enter the Change Your World Fund.

The Change Your World Fund was created by ConserVentures, the team behind Overland Expo, and the family of Alistair Farland (1990 – 2014). Alistair was an Australian adventurer that believed in the power of exploration to change things. He wanted to inspire his generation to explore their world and to positively impact their society. Although he died on his journey in an accident in 2014, his passion and inspiration lives on through the Change Your World Fund. The goal of the fund is to support people like Alistair whose overland journeys and projects go beyond the “me” and seek out strangers and challenges.

Operation Moto Dog

Mallory Paige and Baylor, also known as Operation Moto Dog.

Yesterday, Change Your World Fund announced the recipient of their very first grant – Operation Moto Dog. Operation Moto Dog was founded by Mallory Paige and her canine companion, Baylor. The two have logged over 20,000 miles traveling from Alaska to Florida in their custom sidecar rig. They have been on the road more than 300 days and spent most of their nights camped out underneath the starts.

change your world fundPaige describes her journey as one giant “endless trust fall”. The mission of Operation Moto Dog is to prove you don’t need to be fearless or perfect to adventure boldly. She also believes that “embracing our crazy keeps us sane” and that success in life is defined by trying. Throughout their adventure, the duo have been sharing their message with schools, organizations, and communities across the United States and Canada. They’ve also created a short film they’ll be entering into film festivals to bring awareness and highlight their adventures.

If you’d like to meet Paige and Baylor in person, they’ll be at this year’s Overland Expo EAST in Asheville, North Carolina. For more information about Operation Moto Dog, check out their website. You can also visit the Change Your World Fund website to learn more about the fund and getting involved. Also, be sure to check out the video below …


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