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New Rifle Dynamics + Silencerco Summit Package

Silencerco has gone full tilt with the collaborations recently and they just keep getting better and better! Behold the latest collab between Silencerco and Rifle Dynamics: a RD501 paired with a direct thread Saker 556K suppressor. This Summit Package is limited to just 25 pieces and will be sold exclusively through SK Arms.

RIFLE DYNAMICS + SILENCERCO SUMMIT PACKAGEAccording to Silencerco, “Rifle Dynamics has made its mark by building the most accurate fighting rifles in the world – rifles that are now staples in the arsenals of the best trainers and the most demanding end users. When SilencerCo decided to suppress an AK, it was only natural that we reach out to a company with such a highly respected reputation – and the products to back it up.” The AK collaboration feature a Rifle Dynamics AK-style host, the RD501, and Silencerco’s Saker 556K.


The overall Summit Package includes a Rifle Dynamics RD501 chambered in 5.45×39 with a 12.5″ US made barrel with black nitride finish. The RD501 features a a rich and striking Russian red wood handguard paired with a direct thread Saker 556K. The rifle also has a Ultimak railed gas tube for optics mounting, a triangle skelton side-folding stock, and custom matte black finish. Unique Summit serial numbers can be found on both the rifle and the suppressor. Each limited edition rifle comes in a handcrafted, collector’s edition reclaimed wood crate. The price tag? $4,150.


If you would like to get your hands on one of these special RD501s, you might want to ask fast as both Silencerco and Rifle Dynamics expect them to go fast! To learn more about this latest Silcencerco collaboration, head over to the SK Arms website or give them a call at (432) 704-5127. To learn more about previous Silcenerco Summit collaborations, please visit the Silencerco Summit website.

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