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New Hydro Flask Flex Cap Available

Sometimes carrying a reusable, insulated bottle can be clunky and cumbersome. The rigid plastic lids don’t always provide a way for hands to grip them easily and comfortably for a prolonged period of time. Knowing this, the team at Hydro Flask has come up with a solution. Say hello to the new Hydro Flask Flex Cap!

hydro flask flex capThe Hydro Flask Flex Cap features a soft, flexible strap made from TPU material. The wide handle makes it easy to carry and more adds a layer of comfort when compared to their traditional cap.

Hydro Flask Flex Cap

Detail shot of the honeycomb insulation found within the new Hydro Flask Flex Cap.

Inside the cap you’ll find their innovative “honeycomb insulation” technology. According to Hydro Flask, the insulation was modeled after the construction of a beehive. The air pockets help keep internal temperatures protected from the outside environments, regardless of whether it’s molten lava hot or frosty, frigid cold.

Hydro Flask Flex Cap

The stainless steel pivot on the Flex Cap provides fluid motion and increased durability.

To ensure durability and to make sure it’ll survive on your adventures, Hydro Flask added a stainless steel pivot at the strap’s attachment points. The pivot also allows the strap and bottle to move when you’re on the go giving it some fluid motion. Beefy construction also eliminates traditional stress points found on other strap style lids – making breakage a thing of the past.

The new Flex Cap is available on a variety of Hydro Flask’s wide mouth bottles. Current options include: 18 oz, 32 oz, 40 oz, and the 64 oz growler. There is no word yet on whether the Flex Cap will be released as a standalone accessories, but knowing Hydro Flask this is probably already in the works. For more information on the new Hydro Flask Flex Cap bottles, head on over to their website.

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