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If you’re looking to add a little training or skills improvement to your schedule this summer, Magpul recently added two new classes to the their Magpul CORE Training offerings. The classes, which will be held in Lance Creek, Wyoming, focus on Tactical Movement and Concealment (3 Days) as well as Wilderness Navigation (2 Days). Tuition ranges from $400 to $600 depending upon the class and details can be found below.


LOCATION: Lance Creek, WY
DATES: June 2-4

DESCRIPTION: The Magpul CORE Tactical Movement and Concealment course is meant to teach the student principals of tactical movement, techniques of camouflage and the selection and occupation of observation positions. This course is meant for the hunter who wants to fine-tune their stalking skills, or the enthusiast who would like to understand the principals of movement and concealment in a rural environment. Students will learn the proper use of camouflage clothing, the use of natural vegetation as camouflage, and the use of terrain features to conceal their movement. Once you learn the fundamentals, your new skills will be put to the test against trained observers as you attempt to negotiate natural terrain and obstacles and move into an observation position. We also recommend this course for pre-sniper sniper training for military and police sniper courses.

PREREQUISITES: None, but you’ll be expected to possess a basic understanding of firearms safety and a willingness to learn.


LOCATION: Lance Creek, WY
DATES: June 5-6

COURSE DESCRIPTION: This Magpul CORE course is designed for anyone looking to learn the skills that it takes to navigate by map and compass in the wilderness. Using a systematic approach, we will introduce you to the lifetime skill of orienteering. As your confidence grows, you will be continuously challenged to move longer distances with more precision, thus increasing your sense of independence in the wilderness. Whether you an outdoor professional, competitive adventure racer or just someone looking for the freedom of knowing where you are in the backcountry, this course will give your skills to never get lost again.

PREREQUISITES: There are no Prerequisites for this class, but you must be comfortable walking alone in the wilderness for several hours on your own. This course requires students to walk up 15 miles over 2 days in varied and rugged terrain.

Fore more information on Magpul CORE and their entire catalog of course offerings, please visit their website.


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