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Hudson Design & Manufacturing

Many of us who enjoy spending our time around campfires, smoking cigars, drinking distilled beverages, and often debating the finer points of books or philosophy have come to call the MOTUS Tribe home. We meet like-minded individuals, and while we may not agree on everything, one thing we all have in common is enjoying the finer things in life. We also know how to spot quality, craftsmanship, and value when it comes to gear and accessories. One company that embodies all of those things is Hudson Design & Manufacturing (HDM).

Hudson Design and Manufacturing

The team at Hudson embodies old school craftsmanship and quality.

Whether looking for a durable EDC keychain, rugged and ready combs, beard care products, or simply a unique bead to adorn that one-of-a-kind piece of kit, Hudson should be your destination. Unlike the mass-produced, stamped steel that many of the comb companies are currently selling on the market, HDM doesn’t simply crank out cookie cutter products and drop-ship them out. The company started as an outlet for the creative interests of two brothers, Bob and Mike Fornasiero. They wanted to flex their idea of what industrial arts and modern manufacturing technologies could be like together. They fired up a Kickstarter, which led to regular production and an increased product offering, and as they say. the rest is history!

Hudson Design and ManufacturingThe first products they opened with, and are still most widely known for, are their assortment of rugged and ready combs. Each comb is made from American 12 ga. 304 steel and are hand finished. I’ve even had the opportunity to sit down in the shop with the tumblers rattling away in the background, running the belts, and then painstakingly hand finishing every tooth on each of the combs that was placed in front of me. It was an awesome experience that allowed me to truly appreciate the attention to detail that goes into each one of their pieces. To finish out the unique touches that set their combs apart from everyone else, each comb is placed on a pin stamper where every comb receives its own, unique serial number and a corresponding matching placard magnet.

Hudson Design and ManufacturingThe diversity of the products is a draw for those of us who appreciate the unique as well. With 5 different combs, 3 different “keychain” styles, and beads and beard oil to cap off your shopping cart HDM makes something for everyone. The flagship comb is the full-size Archer Actual flanked by the more compact Tradesman and the classic lines of the Danger Zone, with the J. Grizzly and Doc Holliday rounding out the special purpose categories for those looking for a comb to fit any task. For a nominal fee you can have a special message, nickname, or call sign pin-stamped into the steel and make it even more unique. Their combs have seen the sun rise over the Great Smokey Mountains, have sparked flint in the Adirondacks to start a fire, been drawn through hair in the wee hours of the morning in the Rocky Mountains, and even been used to help World Champion horses keep their unruly manes in check.

Hudson Design and Manufacturing

The Hudson SFKBO, or Single Finger Keychain Bottle Opener shown above.

The company produces some unique and comfortable “keychains” as well. While the most familiar style they put out is the layered and ground Micarta, the wood and steel of their “SFKBO” (Single Finger Keychain Bottle Opener) has an American elegance to it that is unseen anywhere else in the industry. While it’s not hard to find a steel keychain/bottle opener, the HDM version is backed by the wood from a Maker’s Mark Stave, tying the American steel of a new company to the American wood of one of its most recognizable.

Hudson Design and Manufacturing

The Hudson Original Unscented Blend has been specially formulated with five, all natural oils to keep your working beard soft and well maintained.

While the combs themselves are a must have, the Fornasiero Brothers have started to offer highly limited beads and small fixed-blade knives as they dabble in expanding their “American-made-from-American-materials-by-American-craftsman” approach to the industry. Their beard oils will soon be widely available as well, allowing you to treat them as a one-stop-shop for all of your mane needs. When you find yourself in need of something unique, balanced with quality, and unmatched dependability, reach out to Hudson Design & Manufacturing. I guarantee that you won’t regret it!

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Jordy is a gear and gun junky who prides himself on hard-use testing, and his ability to destroy anything with a lifetime warranty. After multiple combat arms tours in Iraq and Afghanistan with the US Army, Jordy spends his days in the woods and his nights sampling whiskey.

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