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Review: Red Oxx Laundro Bag

One of the most under appreciated tools in my travel kit is the Red Oxx Laundro Bag. I know what you’re thinking right now, “How do you expect me to get excited about a laundry bag?” Well, when you travel for any extended period of to time, they can come in quite handy and make your life a lot easier – especially when they’re built like a tank!

Review Red Oxx Laundro Bag

The Red Oxx Laundro Bag packed up when not in use.

The Red Oxx Laundro Bag ($25) is a soft mesh bag that can swallow up a large load of dirties, but packs ultra small when not in use. I picked one up a middle of last year and I thought I would share my overall thoughts on it after almost nine months of use. The Laundro Bag measures roughly 24″ x 15″ when unfolded and holds up to 750 cubic inches of dirty pants, stinky socks, or whatever else you need to transport from point A to B.

Review Red Oxx Laundro Bag

You can secure the Red Oxx Laundro Bag’s contents with the drawstring paracord and tension lock.

The Laundro Bag is made using Apex Soft Mesh, a material that won’t rot, rip, or tear over time. Handcrafted in Billings, Montana like the rest of Red Oxx’s great bags, the Laundro Bag is also backed by their famous “No Bull” warranty should anything ever go wrong with it. Once you add your clothes into the bag, simply pull the heavy-duty paracord and secure it in place with the tension lock fastener. Even when you stuff it to the gills, the tension lock remains solid and never slips or comes open unintentionally.

Review Red Oxx Laundro Bag

The hanging strap at the top of the Red Oxx Laundro Bag.

The top of the bag has an adjustable Fastex buckle so you can hang the bag from a hook, towel bar, or the back of a door. This helps keeps you dirty clothes all in one spot versus scattered about your hotel room, truck, or wherever you’re calling home for the night. The hanging strap also works great if you need to air out something really funky or have wet or damp clothes you want to air dry until you can wash them.

Review Red Oxx Laundro Bag

The Fastex buckle at the bottom of the Red Oxx Laundro Bag.

One of the best features of Laundro Bag is the extra Fastex buckle found at the bottom of the bag. At first, you’ll probably look at it and scratch your head for a second since there is already a buckle at the top of the bag. The bottom buckle is for converting the hanging strap to a shoulder strap.

Review Red Oxx Laundro Bag The shoulder strap comes in great when it’s time to hustle your dirties to the washing machine. Connect the buckle to the attachment at the bottom and you’re on your way. One thing I like about the strap is that it gives you a solid place to grab onto the bag – even if you’re not throwing it over your shoulder. I’ve had plenty of mesh laundry bags in the past with no built-in handles and they always rip or tear when you carry them by the drawstring or the mesh sides. That problem is solved with the Laundro Bag!

Review Red Oxx Laundro Bag

A quick trip to the laundry mat with your dirties and you’ll be up and running in no time.

Once you finally make to the local laundry mat or back home, you’re dirty clothes are all in one spot. There is no more worrying about your clean clothes getting funky or trying to remember what is clean or dirty. While it was originally designed for dirty clothes, the Laundro Bag is great for a trip to the beach or a day spent kayaking on the lake. Toss your wet trunks and towel into the bag when you’re done and you can then keep them separated from the rest of your stuff. I’ve used the Laundro Bag quite a bit after trips to the dog beach. It’s perfect for the wet and sandy towel I inevitably have to lug home after drying the dog off before we get back in the truck.

After using for the better part of a year, I can highly recommend the Red Oxx Laundro Bag. It’s a true workhorse. I have got a ton of use out of it and it is easily worth the $25. Plus, how can you go wrong with a lifetime warranty as well?

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