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BioLite Launches Their New Energy Ecosystem

In 2012 a small startup named BioLite launched the CampStove, a compact wood burning stove that generates usable energy for charing small electronics like your cell phone or LED lights. In many ways, the stove was a game changer. Campers and outdoor enthusiast could turn energy used for cooking or warmth into something you can always use in the middle of nowhere, power. Fast forward to 2016 and not only has BioLite shipped stoves across the globe, they just released a complete Energy Ecosystem.

biolite 2016 energy ecosystem

The PowerLight Mini provides ample illumination while the CookStove charges your smart phone.

The BioLite Energy Ecosystem is a collection of three complimentary products what work in conjunction with each other to provide a full cooking, charging and lighting toolkit for your next adventure. The Energy Ecosystem is composed of the PowerLight Mini, SolarPanel 5/5+, and CookStove. Lets take a closer look at each of the three new products …

BioLite PowerLight Mini

The PowerLight Mini packs a lantern and power bank into an ultra-compact credit card sized package.

PowerLight Mini – $44.95

The PowerLight Mini is an ultra-slim, credit card sized rechargeable lantern and power bank that you can take with you. Whether you’re on a solo trek in the mountains or camping with the kids, the 135-lumen lantern provides a nice alternative to bulkier lanterns or cumbersome headlamps. Users can expect up to 52 hours of light and the PowerLight Mini offers four lighting modes: a white dimmable lantern, red night vision, strobe lighting, and a point-light for maximum visibility. It also has a versatile clip stand that can be clipped flat to a shirt or hang from the inside of your tent. With respect to the power bank, when fully charged, the Mini will give a 50% power boost to most smartphones. Check out the video of the PowerLight Mini below …

BioLite SolarPanel 5

The BioLite SolarPanel 5 provides up to 5 watts of power to charge your small electronics.

SolarPanel 5 and 5+ – $59.95 to $79.95

The SolarPanel 5 and 5+ are BioLite’s first offering in the solar category. The SolarPanel 5 ($59.95) features a high-efficiency mono crystalline panel that delivers 5 watts of electricity while the SolarPanel 5+ ($79.95) adds onboard battery storage via a 2200mAh USB rechargeable battery, which is enough to fully charge a smart phone. One unique feature about the panels is the Optimized Sun System. An integrated sundial cuts the guesswork on how to best position your panel while a 360-degree kickstand makes setting up and stabilizing the panel a piece of cake. The panels measure 10.12” x 8.19” x 0.94” and they should fit easily into most laptop sleeves. Check out the overview video of the new SolarPanel 5 series below …

BioLite CookStove

Featuring a rechargeable battery that powers an internal fan, one charge on the CookStove provides up to 30 hours of clean wood burning cooking.

CookStove – $99.95

The cornerstone of the new Energy Ecosystem is BioLite’s CookStove. The CookStove is a streamlined version of the flagship CampStove. The CookStove features a rechargeable battery that powers an internal, four-speed fan which controls the strength of your flame. Turn it on low for that campfire feel or crank it up to turbo for rapid, high heat cooking. One charge provides up to 30 hours of cooking, which is the equivalent of (20) disposable 100g gas canisters. The CampStove can be recharged at home or on the trail or at camp using the SolarPanel 5 or 5+. Check out the overview below of the CampStove …

For more information on the complete line of new products in the BioLite Energy Ecosystem, please visit their website. MOTUS has early access to all three of the new products and we’ll be following up in the weeks ahead with a complete review. Stay tuned!

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