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Review: Tulster Kydex Profile Holster and Echo Mag Carrier

After recently acquiring a new Glock 43, I found myself on the well-known path of having yet again a new firearm. Having several firearms previously I had already quickly created a list of items that I knew I would need; specifically a new holster. Like most I’m sure that conceal carry on a daily basis, I’ve acquired a box full of holsters that I thought would work well or were the “next best thing” as advertised just to find that they didn’t work and now collect dust helping to serve as a reminder not to fall into product hype again.

Tulster Profile Holster and Echo Mag CarrierProbing the community is helpful, as the firearms community in general loves to point the way to products that work well… for the most part. A company with a great product doesn’t need advertising. They just need a person that loves their product and that person’s passion along with word of mouth does the rest. This is how I found my holster for my Glock 43.

Tulster Profile Holster and Echo Mag CarrierTulster is US-based company out of Jenks, Oklahoma. They offer a Kydex holster they have titled The Profile Holster ($64.99). They utilize .08 Kydex that they describe as being, “the sweet spot for holsters since it offers great retention and is barely thicker than .06.” Offering over thirty color options and holsters for various firearms models (Glock, H&K, Ruger, Sig Sauer, S&W and Springfield Armory), I found their website to be very well laid out and provided easy navigation in purchasing a holster. I couldn’t resist a matching spare magazine carrier as well – the Echo Mag Carrier ($44.99). Lead-time on the holster was stated as 1 to 6 business days. It was shipped within the time stated, and communication was promptly handled through email as well as status updates to my order. As a consumer, true customer service goes a long way for me, but the product still has to perform.

Tulster Profile Holster and Echo Mag CarrierI spent the evening upon arrival adjusting the 0 to 15 degree available cant and retention adjustments to my liking, which I found to be adjusted easily. The retention did vary unlike some previously owned Kydex holsters. I particularly liked the included thread locker for the screws along with rubber spacers sent for the utilized clip aiding in adjustment for belt thickness, which removed any slack or sloppiness when installed on my belt. During the setup I couldn’t help but notice the extra attention to detail as all the edges were extremely smooth and there is no extra material used other than what is needed for the design. Another specific thing I really liked is how the sweatshield area doesn’t protrude above the rear of the firearm. I’ve had issue with this in the past as well with other maker’s holster designs.

Tulster Profile Holster and Echo Mag CarrierTurning my attention to the Echo Mag Carrier, I immediately observed that the spare magazine is not “friction fit” into the carrier. The design is such that there is a distinct “snap” once the magazine is fully seated and also shares the same clip features (rubber spacers) used for a proper snug and stable belt fit. The Echo Mag Carrier can be setup to be used IWB or OWB. Again, that’s another nice feature and it also shares the same clip design as the holster. One side note is that there are additional clip options (soft loops) available, but I opted for the standard clip design.

I’ve been carrying my G43 in the Tulster Profile Holster daily for roughly three weeks, but honestly, I knew in the first two days that it fit perfectly and accommodated my carry comfort standards. Even on long commutes (positioned at 4 o’clock) there was no discomfort and it sits very nicely on my belt with no movement at all. It is capable of being removed and installed easily and safely when needed (bank trips, federal buildings, etc.) I was able to hit the range where I practiced live fire from holster drills and the draws were crisp. Holstering was also performed easily both in appendix carry and 4 o’clock carry positions. Reload drills with the spare magazine allowed me to index my finger properly and aided in quick reliable seating of the magazine as well as knowing when the magazine was returned with a heard and felt “snap”.

Tulster Profile Holster and Echo Mag Carrier 2In closing, I can’t say that this holster will be perfect for everyone. Because there of so many variations in personal preference and body size, that would be a hard claim to make. However, I can say that this is one of the most concealable and comfortable holsters I have ever used. The company’s customer service, quality and performance all exceeded my expectations. If for some reason it doesn’t work for you, Tulster offers a 30-day money back guarantee. If you’re not quite satisfied with your current holster setup, or like myself and just acquired a new firearm, I definitely would suggest The Profile Holster and Echo Mag Carrier from Tulster.

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