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Review: RE Factor Tactical ASO Bag

Anyone who has ever gone down range in any format can attest, transporting and organizing gear is a pain. It is one thing to have a rucksack for all of the mission essential gear you’ll need once you jump off, but how do you organize the gear that you’ll need before the mission? Insert the RE Factor Tactical Advanced Special Operations Bag, or ASO as many like to call it.

RE Factor Tactical ASO Bag Review

My ASO bag loaded up and ready to head out.

The RE Factor Tactical ASO bag ($249.95) is an ultra-heavy duty duffle bag with some serious built-in functionality. It is US made and comes with removable “backpack style” straps in addition to the two grab handles for transporting it. While the straps are a nice feature for short-term transport, it is not nearly comfortable enough for a long walk if you’re carrying any kind of heavy weight. One future improvement to the bag might be the addition of a sternum strap or belt as the weight of the pack rests squarely on your shoulders with no adjustability.

RE Factor Tactical ASO Bag Review

Here is a shot of what I was able to fit in the main pocket of the ASO bag.

The main pocket of the bag is large enough to store your plate carrier, helmet, battle belt, and other miscellaneous items as shown in the image above.

RE Factor Tactical ASO Bag Review

As you can see, the inside of the ASO bag is quite large and functional.

There is also a wall of MOLLE to mount organizational pockets (magazine shingle, GP pouches, etc.) as well as four open mesh pockets with zippered closures for smaller items that tend to float around in the bottom of even the most organized bags.

RE Factor Tactical ASO Bag Review

The zippered pockets on the interior of the bag’s lid come in quite handy for easy access of items.

The interior of the lid on the ASO bag has three zippered mesh pockets as well, which allow for even greater organization.

RE Factor Tactical ASO Bag Review One end of the bag (the right end if you open the main compartment with the top flipping away from you) opens to reveal yet another wall of MOLLE, with loop, and a zipper-shut pocket. The other end has an RFID blocking pocket to store your sensitive items and protect your identity. You aren’t going to get much into the RFID pocket other than a phone and wallet, but the “fight pocket” is surprisingly roomy and an excellent location for any smaller items such as field notes, folding knives, and sidearm, with a zippered pocket that will help contain spare batteries, cuffs, etc.

RE Factor Tactical ASO bag

The RE Factor Tactical ASO bag shown in Slate Blue.

The RE Factor Tactical ASO bag measures 25” x 15” x 10” which means you can use it as a carry-on with almost every domestic airline, and it’s a breeze to walk through security with everything easily opening up and displayed. While any camo-patterned bag being hauled through an airport is going to turn some heads (and they offer 4 different camo patterns), the “street” colors of red, blue, or green will grab far less attention. So your probably thinking to yourself, “It’s a super fancy duffle with a bunch of pockets, big deal right?” Well, it’s not just that. It’s the quality of the bag that makes it such a vital piece of equipment. This bag is TOUGH. It’s hand sewn in the good ‘ole US of A from 1000D Corudra, it’s the closest thing you can get to bulletproof without Kevlar playing a part. My bag has been bounced out of the bed of a pickup at 40 MPH on a dirt road, took a dive from around 45 ft. up out of window – all while loaded with sandbags and the bag still looks brand new! While I wouldn’t recommend trying any of these torture tests with thousand dollar scopes and weapons in the bag, I can tell you the gear inside will give out long before the ASO bag does.

The RE Factor Tactical Advanced Special Operations (ASO) bag retails for $249.95 and is available directly from RE Factor Tactical. For more information on the bag, or to pick one up for yourself, please visit their website. Below you will find the overview video of the ASO bag that RE Factor Tactical posted to their YouTube channel ..

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Jordy is a gear and gun junky who prides himself on hard-use testing, and his ability to destroy anything with a lifetime warranty. After multiple combat arms tours in Iraq and Afghanistan with the US Army, Jordy spends his days in the woods and his nights sampling whiskey.

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