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Rainburst Simple Shower

If you’re looking to streamline your kit and wash up at camp, or rinse off after a long day on the trail, the Simple Shower by Rainburst is a no-frills approach to this task. Made in the USA from recycled materials, the portable shower weighs less than one ounce and packs down to next to nothing.

rainburst simple showersimple shower in actionThe idea behind the Simple Shower is … well … simple. It’s a shower head and straw that screws on to a standard 1 or 2 liter plastic bottle (it’ll also work with Platypus collapsible bottles and bladders). The straw is designed to let air flow back into the bottle without the normal hiccups or start/stops of water flow when you traditionally turn a bottle upside-down. Fill your empty bottle or Platypus bladder with warm water (or let it bake in the sun to heat up), screw on the cap with straw, and voila!

You now have yourself something that feels like a low flow shower rather than just dumping a bucket of water over your head. It’s about as close to a real shower feel as you’re probably going to get in the wild without trying to holding an oversized and heavy solar shower over your head. The end result is a steady stream of water that’s ideal for backpackers, preppers, after a long day at the beach, or even rinsing off the dog after a hike.

The Simple Shower retails for $13.95 from a local outfitter, or you can also pick one up on Amazon Prime for $12.99 and free shipping. Check out the video for more information …

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