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COFFEEBOXX – The World’s Toughest Coffee Maker?

If you take your coffee seriously when you’re on the go and don’t have time to fuss with camp stoves, cone filters, and grinding beans – you need to check out the COFFEEBOX! The COFFEEBOX is a single-serve brewer that is billed as, “the world’s toughest coffee maker.” Is it? Let’s take a closer look …

OXX COFFEEBOXXThe COFFEEBOX was designed to take brewing coffee from the kitchen countertop at home and into the great outdoors. Whether you’re camping, hunting, or working construction – the COFFEEBOXX allows you to brew your favorite K-cup beverages anywhere. Sure, you could fire up the old camp stove and hand grind some coffee beans to make yourself a pour-over, but you’d be hard pressed to match the convenience and easy clean up of brewing your favorite K-cup. Plus, the COFFEEBOXX allows everyone to pick their favorite coffee or hot beverage.

OXX COFFEEBOXXThe COFFEEBOXX will brew a cup of coffee in roughly 90 seconds. On top of making your favorite K-cup beverages, the machine has a dedicated hot water tap that’s separate from the coffee. Now you can easily make tea, instant oatmeal, or even some instant noodles without that residual coffee taste that lingers in traditional K-cup machines.

OXX COFFEEBOXXOriginally designed for construction workers and built to survive the inherent perils of the job site, the COFFEEBOX features a crush proof chassis that can withstand a 1,500 lb. load. Interior structural ribbing provides added protection against impacts while its rust resistant hardware and construction makes sure that external moisture stays on the outside. The water tight design on the removable 2.5L water tank, which happens to be the largest in the industry, allows you to rest easy knowing there will be no spills even on the roughest of rides.

OXX COFFEEBOXXThe COFFEEBOXX has an easy-grip rubberized handle that makes it easy to carry your machine wherever your travels take you. If the road gets a little bumpy, there are six stainless steel tie-down points to ratchet your machine in place or strap it down. A removable drip tray allows you to fill up and top off those extra tall, insulated vacuum bottles or cups. A three-foot retractable cord makes it easy to plug-in and brew, yet helps keeps it compact when not in use.

OXX COFFEEBOXXPricing on the COFFEEBOXX starts at $249.99. A Limited Edition all black version, which is shown above, is available for $299.99 on pre-order. Standard units are shipping now while the Limited Edition will start shipping in early January. Gift bundles are also available as well. We like the Special Ops bundle personally as you get the Limited Edition COFFEEBOXX, a package of Death Wish Coffee’s Death Cups, a AVEX ReChrage Travel Mug, and a set of extra water filters for the machine. For more information on the COFFEEBOXX by OXX, or to pick one up for the holidays, be sure to visit their website. Also, be sure to check out the video below that was created for their successful Kickstarter campaign last year …

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