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Ural, the legendary manufacturer of sidecar motorcycles, has just unveiled this year’s limited edition motorcycle and it comes from a factory, far, far away. Say hello to the Dark Force!

Ural Dark ForceInspired by the Star Wars franchise, the Dark Force was created to let “… your inner child explore the dark side with little damage to the real world balance of power.” With only 25 units being produced, the Dark Force comes in gloss black with a blackened out engine, gearbox, and final drive along with matching black ceramic-coated exhaust. It is the perfect stealth bike as you make your escape under the cover of night.

Ural Dark ForceAs you’re making your getaway, rest easy knowing that Ural has upgraded the Dark Force with their highest visibility LED headlight, designed to pierce the night and cut through the darkness.

Ural Dark ForceThe Ural Dark Force comes standard with a flat enduro bench seat to provide increased comfort and from for a 3rd passenger. According to Ural, “Every hero … er … villain knows that there’s no substitute for a loyal sidekick (or two)”. Black zinc coated passenger pegs have also been added.

Ural Dark ForceShould you sense a disturbance in the force, you can feel confident knowing that Ural has ensured you have exactly what you need. The Ural Dark Force comes complete with a mounted Lightsaber®. It’s easily accessible, totally secure, and ready to handle any mission.

Ural Dark ForceThe Ural Dark Force is $14,999 and goes on sale today, Friday the 13th. For more information on the Dark Force, or to see complete technical specs and reserve your limited edition sidecar, visit the Ural website. Remember, only 25 Dark Force sidecars will be built and they will only be sold in the U.S. market.

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