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United By Blue: Ultimate American and Bison Snap Jackets

When you hear the word bison, you typically think of gourmet jerky, dumbass tourists at Yellowstone, or Dances with Wolves. To United By Blue, bison means insulation and warmth. United By Blue is an outdoor brand from Philly that is passionate about oceans and waterways. Part of their company’s mission is to remove 1 pound of trash from a river or ocean for every product sold. Recently, they turned to Kickstarter to launch two new products featuring their proprietary insulation, B100 Fill, that’s made from American Bison wool.

B100 FillB100 Fill
Bison fiber is a highly underutilized natural fiber, but it has many characteristics that make it great for outerwear insulation. At roughly 2,000 pounds, the American Bison is the largest land mammal to roam the continent. Hunted nearly to extinction in the late 1800s, bison are now thriving at over 500,000 strong through legislation, conversation, and breeding programs. United By Blue works with ranchers to gather the outer, longer, coarse guard hairs from the bison. Hollow and lightweight, these fibers are easily compacted and have high loft. To maximize its efficiency, United By Blue pairs the bison fibers with recycled polyester to give it extra strength and durability. This creates their unique B100 Fill material.

United By Blue Ultimate American JacketThe Ultimate American Jacket
According to their Kickstarter, “The Ultimate American Jacket is a 4-layer, waterproof winter jacket made entirely in the USA from the most authentic American ingredients.” It features a removable vest and designed to provide the wearer with versatility through all the stages of winter.

United By Blue Ultimate American JacketUnited By Blue Stages of WinterA waterproof and breathable shell will keep you comfortable in the wind, rain and snow. The openings of the jacket have been protected with water-resistant YKK zippers. The main zipper has 2-way functionality, allowing it to open from the top or the bottom. There are also a total of 14 pockets to store your gear or items within easy reach. The Ultimate American Jacket comes in both a men’s and women’s fit. Men have the option of selecting between Charcoal, Navy, and Red color options. Women can select from Navy, Green, and Blue. The Ultimate American Jacket is also backed by a lifetime guarantee. MSRP on the jacket is $598 after the Kickstarter campaign ends.

United By Blue Bison Snap JacketBison Snap Jacket
Think of the Bison Snap Jacket as the little brother of the Ultimate American Jacket. It can be worn comfortably between 32 and 70 degrees and uses 1/2 the thickness of the B100 Fill found in the Ultimate American Jacket. It was designed to be lightweight, functional, and versatile. The Bison Snap features a water repellant shell, snap closure front, two chest pockets, two hip pockets, and two internal pockets. It’s also made in the USA.

United By Blue Bison Snap JacketThe jacket has a unisex fit and is available in Olive, Charcoal, or Tan color options. After the Kickstarter campaign, the Bison Snap Jacket will retail for $248.

For more information on United By Blue and the other products they make, check out their website or visit one of their flagship store. Check out the Kickstarter page for more details and photos of The Ultimate American Jacket and Bison Snap Jacket.

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