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SEMA 2015: ARB 2016 Tacoma

There is no doubt that one of the most talked about rigs by Toyota fans at the 2015 SEMA Show was the ARB 2016 Tacoma. While many enthusiasts were initially skeptical about the ability to modify Toyota’s latest iteration of the pickup, ARB jumped right in and stepped up to the challenge.

SEMA 2015 ARB 2016 TacomaSEMA 2015 ARB 2016 TacomaUtilizing 3D scan data collected earlier in the year prior to the Tacoma’s launch, ARB engineers got to work designing, testing, and building a prototype winch bumper that arrived just in time for SEMA. The new bumper, which has some unique features and signifies a design shift from previous releases, pairs up nicely with the Tacoma’s front lines. You can look for more details and information on all of the new features and bumper changes in a future MOTUS article.

SEMA 2015 ARB 2016 TacomaARB Intensity LED Lights were installed on the prototype bumper and a WARN Zeon winch was also added. The bumper hides the winch nicely, yet provides easy access when needed.

SEMA 2015 ARB 2016 TacomaSEMA 2015 ARB 2016 TacomaThe 2016 Tacoma was also outfitted with ARB’s new OME BP-51 suspension system. BP-51 adjustable internal bypass coilovers were added to the front and OME full leaf spring pack with BP-51 bypass shocks were added to the rear of the truck. When released, both the front and rear suspension options for the 2016 Tacoma will be a simple bolt-on system utilizing existing factory mounting points. ARB swapped out the factory rims and tires for Toyo Open Country R/T tires wrapped around Stealth Custom Series wheels.

SEMA 2015 ARB 2016 TacomaOther upgrades included ARB Air Lockers in the front and rear powered by an ARB medium air compressor mounted under the hood.

ARB 2016 Tacoma SEMAA prototype Safari Snorkel was fitted to the 2016 Tacoma at the very last minute before the show. While there is no official release date on the prototype bumper or snorkel, enthusiasts can expect the suspension options in the not too distant future. For more information about ARB and their available products, visit their website. You can also check out and follow their Instagram for behind the scenes updates and product news.

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