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Review: Xikar VX Key Chain Cutter

Here at MOTUS, we recently got our hands on the Xikar VX Key Chain Cutter, and I was the lucky Contributor that had the “hard work” of testing it out. I have to say that I was really looking forward to switching up my normal cigar cutting routine. Traditionally I alternate between a guillotine style cutter or punch.

Review Xikar VX Key Chain CutterWhen I opened the box, most evident was the swanky packaging and how compact and lightweight the box was. The VX is cast of aluminum, with a key ring to make it perfect to carry everywhere.
Review Xikar VX Key Chain CutterThe blade of the Xikar VX Key Chain Cutter ($44.99) is inverted and razor-sharp to produce a smooth, clean-cut while leaving the cap of your cigar firmly in place. The V-shaped cut digs deep into the filler of a cigar and chomps out a wedge of tobacco.

Review Xikar VX Key Chain CutterThis unique design leaves the cigar with a clean, wedged shaped notch on the cigar’s cap. The V-shaped cut is also sometimes referred to as “cats eye cut” or “wedge cut”. To learn more about the various types of cigar cutters, and what cuts to use on which type of cigars, check out this video from Neptune Cigar

Review Xikar VX Key Chain CutterIn my repeated “testing sessions” on the back patio and a couple of recent business trips, I found that Xikar VX Key Chain Cutter consistently provided a clean, smooth cut. While it won’t work on some of the much larger gauge cigars, I had no issues with anything out of my normal “go to” smokes. The sturdy construction and solid materials make this cutter one that will provide years of worry free use. Plus, if anything were to ever happen to it, Xikar provides a lifetime warranty! If you’re in the market for a new cutter, you might want to check out the VX Key Chain Cutter. It is available in three color choices; Black, Gun Metal, and Silver. You can also order them custom engraved if you’re thinking about giving one as a gift. If you’re thinking about adding a personalized engraving, remember to keep in mind that there is roughly a three-week lead time from when you place the order. For more information on the Xikar VX Key Chain Cutter, head on over to the Xikar website.

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