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Review: Shepherd Firearms Elite Quad-Rail

Shepherd Firearms Elite Quad-RailRecently we got an opportunity to take a look at the Shepherd Firearms Elite Quad-Rail. And you know us, when we get a chance to put together a new rifle or go shoot a little bit, we are all over it!

The construction of Elite Quad-Rail the rail is beefy. The barrel nut and rail assembly make for a very positive engagement. There is no discernible movement in the rail post installation. After install the rail, we headed to the range on multiple occasions and ran the gun through its paces.

Ergonomically, it fits the hand nicely. The rounded triangle shape mates well to the shooters hand. I tend to shoot with an elongated support arm. The sections of picitinny rail on the fore end make a natural place to index my thumb. The underside of the rail is adorned with holes that work with a standard QD swivel mount. This makes for a wide range of mounting positions for a sling.

Shepherd Firearms Elite Quad-RailShepherd Firearms Elite Quad-RailOur rifle was setup with 14.5 inch barrel paired with a LANTAC Dragon muzzle device on a 15 inch rail. The angular cut of the front exposes all of the gas post and does not interfere with the function of the muzzle brake. It does get some carbon from the brake, but we like the compact looks of just the LANTAC sticking out of the rail.

Shepherd Firearms Elite Quad-RailThere is a high level of machining on the Elite Quad-Rail. The finger grooves are machined with a design that adds grip. This design carries over to the upper receiver that Shepherd makes, and if used in conjunction with that piece, it would look fantastic.

Shepherd Firearms Elite Quad-RailThe three short sections of picitinny on the fore end of the rail provide just enough space for a light or bipod.

Shepherd Firearms Elite Quad-RailAs of the time of this review being published, Shepherd Firearms has their Elite Quad-Rail in stock and available in two different lengths (15″ and 17″). The rail retails for $259.00 as tested and different color options are available: Armor Black, MILSPEC Green, Sniper Grey, and Flat Dark Earth. The barrel nut and mounting hardware included with the rail. For more information on the Shepherd Firearms Elite Quad-Rail, please visit their website.

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