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Review: Gearward Go-Tube 2.6

Gearward is a Los Angeles based company that focuses on the development of high-performance gear for EDC, urban preparedness, and outdoor survival. Along with their A-K Band and Compact Survival Cord (Mini Technora), I also got a chance to review their Go-Tube 2.6. I’ve been eyeing the Go-Tube 2.6 for some time due to its size. For those of you who aren’t familiar with a Go-Tube, it’s basically a small storage device that can be attached nearly anywhere and is designed for safeguarding your key specific items.

Review Gearward Go-TubeThe Go-Tube 2.6 is a nonmetallic, waterproof and air tight container for storing and concealing sensitive or valuable items. Examples of such items would be: US currency (it holds $1,000 in hundred-dollar bills), (2) CR123 batteries (without rattling), SERE kit, flash drive, lighter, a Swiss Army knife, or any assortment of selected essential survival kit you might need to remain protected in an emergency situation.

Go_Tube_CR123_Waterproof_grandeThe Go-Tube 2.6 is extremely versatile and lightweight. It can be placed in your bag, car, pocket, etc. The Go-Tube 2.6, is a special version of the Go-Tube custom-made for Gearward and is smaller in length than some of the other tubes on the market. The design measures 61mm, or 2.6 inches long, hence the name. I found the smaller size of the 2.6 to be a welcomed addition to my 3.25″ Go-Tube I already use. It gave me another option for ever more compact carry and concealment.

Review Gearward Go-TubeI keep the following in my Go-Tube 2.6: 20 feet of paracord, my A-K Band kit (for when I’m not wearing a watch), and Bogota lock picks. I also added some glow in the dark paracord, which I can easily attach to my waistband button or a belt loop. This allows the G0-Tube 2.6 to be carried inside or outside of the waistband depending upon my situation.

After using it on a couple of recent trips, I found the compact size of the 2.6 version to be unobtrusive and highly desirable. Since it worked so well, I think I may need to get a few more of the 2.6 versions to add batteries and a few more items to my regular carry routine. The Go-Tube can be ordered directly from Gearward and retails for only $5! For more information on the Go-Tube 2.6 and examples of how it can be used, please visit the Gearward website.

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