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Pipe Hitters Union 2016 Calendar

While most tactical, firearms, or apparel calendars are full of half-clothed women in provocative poses, our friends at Pipe Hitters Union decided to take a totally different approach with their new 2016 Calendar. Rather than continuing to perpetuate the negative, tired and boring “gun bunny” stereotypes, Pipe Hitters Union decided to feature combat veterans, business owners, Olympians, competitive shooters, hunters, and fitness professionals.

PHU 2016 Calendar

Behind the scenes at the photoshoot for the 2016 Pipe Hitters Union calendar.

As more and more women get involved in both recreational and competitive shooting, Pipe Hitters Union wanted to pay tribute to some of the strong, power women that are leading the charge. When asked about why they decided to go against the grain and do something totally different, this was their reply …

We’ve pulled out all the stops and flipped the script on what has come to be the standard tactical female calendar. The PHU 2016 calendar IS NOT chalked full of half-naked gun bunnies that look awkward and out-of-place and who wouldn’t know the difference between a butt stock and muzzle device. In true Pipe Hitter style, we’ve teamed up with Straight 8 Photography to produce a calendar worthy of the Pipe Hitter name and have loaded it with strong, beautiful, badass women from across the industry.

PHU 2016 Calendar 2Here is the list of this year’s calendar participants: Giselle Falla, Alex Rogers, Michelle Viscusi, Breanne Ryan, Brittany Paus, Danielle Harris, Jacqueline Carrizosa, Amanda Furrer, Tawny Lynn, Leah Hill, Jill Hensley and Rachel B. While you might not recognize all of the names on the list, these women are some serious heavy hitters.

Jacqueline Carrizosa is a U.S. Navy Vet, competitive shooter and Motocross racer while Amanda Furrer is an Olympian on the USA Shooting Team. These are all women who have excelled in their professions, industries, and become great role models for all women looking to enter or who are already involved in shooting sports.

This full size, glossy calendar is one you’d actually be proud to hang on the wall. Our hats go off to Pipe Hitters Union and these awesome women for breaking the mold and doing something totally different. Plus, with Straight 8 Photography in the mix, you know the final product is top-notch. The PHU 2016 Calendar sells for $29.99 and can be ordered directly from the Pipe Hitters Union website. Hopefully other companies take note and follow Pipe Hitters lead in the years to come!

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