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NEW: WARN Epic Winch Accessories

Recently WARN introduced a complete line of high performance winch accessories. The new Epic Winch Accessories are designed to complement the look of WARN’s winches and feature forged steel with a multi-layered E-coat to protect them from both corrosion and abrasion. The Epic Winch Accessories consists of four new products: a snatch block, winch hook, shackle, and tree trunk protector. Let’s take a closer look at each one …


WARN Epic Snatch BlockEPIC SNATCH BLOCK ($51.99 – $127.99 as tested)

When used properly, the WARN Epic Snatch Block can double the pulling power of any winch or help change your pulling direction without damaging the wire cable or synthetic rope. Snatch blocks also help reduce heat buildup and amp draw during recovery. Finished in WARN’s new E-coat, the Epic Snatch Block works with both wire and synthetic rope. Made from forged steel, the Epic Snatch Block is available in three sizes: 5,000 lb. capacity  and under winches, 12,000 lb. capacity and under winches, and 18,000 lb. capacity and under winches.


WARN Epic Winch HookEPIC WINCH HOOK ($39.99 – $71.99 as tested)

Made from ultra-strong forged steel, the WARN Epic Winch Hook is available in three sizes: 5,000 lb. capacity  and under winches, 12,000 lb. capacity and under winches, and 18,000 lb. capacity and under winches. The Epic Winch Hook features their new E-coat finish for years of worry free use and the built-in bottle opener will allow you to quench your thirst during those long winching or recovery sessions.


WARN Epic ShackleEPIC SHACKLE ($28.99 – $39.99 as tested)

The WARN Epic Shackle is a forged steel clevis shackle for connecting the looped ends of cables, straps, and snatch blocks. A threaded pin provides easy removal when working with the shackle and the E-coat finish provides maximum protection against wear and abrasion. The Epic Shackle is available in two sizes – 3/4″ for 18,000 lb. capacity winches and 1/2″ for 5,000 lb. capacity winches.

WARN Epic Tree Trunk ProtectorEPIC TREE TRUNK PROTECTOR ($51.99 – $103.99 as tested)

The WARN Epic Tree Trunk Protector is designed to help protect live trees from damage when winching or performing a self-recovery. The strap of the protector is made from premium quality nylon and features an encased red warning marker to indicate damaged webbing. The end loops of the protector are reinforced with forged steel ring connectors and E-coated for premium protection and abrasion resistance. Three sizes of the Epic Tree Trunk Protector are available: 1″ x 8′, 2″ x 8′, and 4″ x 8′.

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