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Dynamis Alliance Low Pro Belt

Belts. Most of us wear them, and some of us should – especially if we are carrying. I feel like ladies are the worst about this due to comfort and fashion reasons. I will admit that I’m just as guilty of this one as anybody else. However, what if your belt was more than just a piece of material that held up your pants? What if it had more functionality built-in and was designed to be an effective tool?  That is exactly what Dom Raso, former Navy Seal and owner of Dynamis Alliance, was thinking when he designed the U.S. made Low Pro Belt.

Dynamis Low Pro BeltThe Dynamis Low Pro Belt is made from 1 3/4″, flame retardant nylon webbing. It was designed and built to be comfortable, yet rigid enough for conceal carry and integrated EDC functionality. Hidden throughout the belt are strategically designed pockets for a spare key, cash, and extra change. To keep it low profile, there is no buckle. The belt is secured via hook and loop so there it nothing to catch on or slow you down if you need to quickly remove something from it.

Dynamis Low Pro BeltAs adventurers on the go, we put a lot of time and planning into our packs and gear while trying to get the most functionality out of them for least amount of weight. We also strive to be prepared, without compromising comfort. I believe that whatever your next adventure may take you, the Low Pro Belt may have applicable use. Check out the video Dynamis created for more information on the Low Pro Belt …

We’ll be testing one of these Low Pro Belts out for the next couple weeks and putting it through a variety of situations and conditions. Look for a review in the not too distant future. In the meantime, you can grab one for yourself on the Dynamis Alliance website. They retail for $65. There is talk of developing a women’s version of this belt. We’ll keep you posted and stay tuned for our review!

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Jody is an outdoor enthusiast who has a love of Jeeps, camping, dirt-biking and anything that involves speed. As a new firearms instructor, she is passionate about training and introducing people to the firearms industry. Jody comes to us with experience in the medical field, which has taught her to live live to the fullest. She is always on the search for life’s next adventure!

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