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Back To The Future Tacoma [PHOTOS]

If you’re like me and grew up with the Back to the Future movies, you’ve been waiting for today for a very long time. The future is finally here and we’ve officially arrived! While most of the items Marty and Doc Brown encountered in the movie didn’t become reality, Toyota decided to give movie fans the ultimate consolation prize – an updated 2016 Tacoma version of Marty McFly’s original black Toyota pickup!

Back to the Future Tacoma

We grew up lusting after the famous black pickup featured in the movie and to this day still have a soft spot for it. If you haven’t been watching Toyota’s social media for the past week, they have definitely been toying with Back to the Future. Between the video of Christopher Lloyd and Michael J Fox in the diner to the new Statler Toyota commercial, they definitely got our attention. Well, today we are stoked to unveil Toyota’s gift – a 2016 Toyota Tacoma complete with a “Back to the Future” makeover.

Back to the Future TacomaThe truck features custom 1985 Toyota truck exterior paint and looks just as badass as Marty McFly’s original Toyota pickup. Check out the custom, tubular front bumper and those iconic KC HiLites!

Back to the Future TacomaEven the roll bar and KC HiLites are spot on and looking sharp. We never thought we’d see the day when old school looked so cool.

Back to the Future TacomaThe pickup also features a custom tailgate with the iconic “TOYOTA” logo. Check out the custom tubular bumper they added to match the light bar. Also, check out the retro taillight design that was added.

Back to the Future TacomaCheck out the custom “D-4S” fuel injection badging!

Back to the Future TacomaOne of our favorite touches was the old school 1985 mud flaps. We’re not going to lie, but if we pick up a 2016 Tacoma in the near future, we might have to add this touch to our own rig.

All in all, Toyota did an awesome job of recreating the Back to the Future pickup with a modern twist. If you’d like to see the new version of the pickup in person and you’re in the Los Angeles area, head down to Hollywood and Highland. It’ll be on display there all day. Or, if you’re in NYC, make your way to Times Square and check out the specialized display. Toyota will also have a third Back to the Future Tacoma in Dallas. Be sure to check out Toyota’s website for more details and information.

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