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Tidal Vision – Alaska Salmon Leather Wallets

If you’re looking for something totally different when it comes to wallets, you might want to check out the Alaska Salmon Leather wallets from Tidal Vision. After a successful Kickstarter launch earlier this year, Tidal Vision has recently released a full lineup of five different wallet styles made from the unique leather.

Tidal Vision Alaska Salmon Leather WalletsEach one of their wallets is made from Alaskan Salmon leather. Why Alaska specially you ask? Well, according to Tidal Vision, “Alaska is only state in the nation with a constitutional mandate that all fish be harvested on a sustainable yield principal.  All 5 species of Alaska Salmon are certified as sustainable under multiple 3rd party certification programs, including the Marine Stewardship Council and the Alaska Seafood Marketing Institute.” The company was created with the goal of upcycling ocean byproducts while adding value to the waste of fisheries that are managed sustainably.

The process of taking salmon skin and turning it into useable leather takes about three weeks. After removing all the natural fish oils, a series of tanning oils are added to give it a durable, aquatic leather look without all the fishy odor. Since the tanning oils are similar to those used in cow leather, the Tidal Vision wallets have a similar smell to a traditional leather wallet. This entire process is done without the use of harsh chemicals like formaldehyde. The end result is a durable, leather wallet with a subtle glossy finish.

Tidal Vision Alaska Salmon Leather WalletsTidal Vision has five models of wallets currently available on their website: Billfold, Tri-Fold, Ladies Tri-Fold, Minimalist, or a Smart Phone Wallet. All of the designs come in four different leather colors as well. Customers can pick between Brown, Charcoal, Silver, or Blue. The prices range from $47 to $89 and the wallets are 100% made in the USA. Tidal Vision even points out that even their recycled cardboard packaging is made in the States. For more information on Tidal Vision, or to check out their lineup of Alaska Salmon Leather wallets, be sure to visit their website.

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