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Review: S7 Bipod

Recently, the team at KFS Industries in Atlanta sent us a S7 Bipod with Raptor Claws to test out and review. If you’re not familiar with S7 Bipods, their bipod is a full-featured, reliable small arms bipod designed in conjunction with top-level completion shooters and active-duty personnel. One of its standout features is that it offers smooth tracking and canting, allowing shooters to engage moving targets and transition from target to target without vibration or variation in accuracy. Since they knew some of our team here at MOTUS had a passion for all things long-range, we were only happy to spend some time using and testing it in the field.

s7 bipodOne of the first things you notice about the S7 after removing it from the box is its construction. “Beefy” was the first word that came to mind when I picked it up and looked it over. The steel construction and solid feel of the S7 begs for it to be attached to a magnum caliber rifle. The S7 is also easy to install and use at it quickly attaches on any standard mil-spec Picatinny rail.

S7 Bipod with Raptor ClawThe head of the bipod swivels a full 60 degrees as has a full 60 degrees of cant as well. You can control the adjustment via threaded, indexable levels on the base. The best thing about both of these adjustment options is that unlike similar bipods, the S7 Bipod uses bearings for cant and pan. This offers ultra smooth transition from target to target and tracking of moving targets, all while keeping the reticle still. The adjustments can simply be locked down for a solid firing position.

S7 Bipod with Raptor ClawThe S7’s legs adjust independently both fore and aft allowing shooters stable footing on even the most uneven of surfaces or terrain. The S7 is available with either rubber feet or the aggressive, Raptor claw for maximum purchase in any terrain. Both varieties yield ultra stable footing for a confident shot. The S7 Bipod is available in three different leg length options as well: 7″-9″, 9″-12″, and 18″-24″. Pricing on the S7 bipod ranges from $389.95 to $529.95 depending upon leg size and whether you opt for the rubber or Raptor claw feet.

S7 Bipod with Raptor ClawAfter spending a great deal of time using the S7 Bipod, I can tell you that I’ve had zero issues and highly recommend it. It’s been very stable on our Barret MRAD shooting both 338 Lapua magnum and 308 Winchester. The build quality and construction is top-notch and I like the fact that it’s proudly made in the USA. For more information and detailed specs on the S7 Bipod, be sure to visit their website.

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