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Review: Red Oxx Soap

Just because you enjoy spending time in the outdoors, it doesn’t mean you need to smell like the wild. Recently our friends at Red Oxx launched a complete line of clean smelling, organic soaps. Made in Montana, the soaps come in six different varieties: Unscented, Blood Orange and Bergamot, Lemongrass Tea, Peppermint Leaf, Lavender, and Oatmeal Spice. I decided to order four different bars and give them a try.

red oxx soapThe soaps arrived a few days later and they are packaged in small, recycled cardboard boxes stamped with the Red Oxx logo. Each bar is made with 85% organic ingredients and is scented using essential oils and plant extracts. The bars get their coloring from organic herbs. While most people might use ingredients as the main deciding factor on purchasing a bar of soap, my main criteria is simply does it last and how well does it lather. Sure, I like to smell nice just like everybody else, but if it lasts a week and feels like Lava soap, I’ll pass.

After smelling each of them, I decided to give the Peppermint Leaf a try first. I will admit that the first shower left me a little underwhelmed. The lather seamed average and I wasn’t overly excited by the soap. It wasn’t until the second use, and subsequent showers afterwards, that I started to really enjoy the Red Oxx soap. After the initial use, the bar’s hard exterior seemed to soften up a bit and started producing a nice, consistent lather. I started to notice the scent more and my skin felt quite nice afterwards (pro-tip: give it a few uses first and then you see how awesome the soap is). There are also little bits of natural goodies in the bar that help exfoliate the skin. I’m not going to use words like supple, smooth, or nourished as it’s simply a bar of soap. I was clean and my fiancee thinks I smell nice after using it – that’s the important part!

red oxx soapOne of the biggest deal breakers for me are bars of soap that don’t last long enough. I’ve tried the Duke Cannon and Art of Shaving bars before, but they don’t seem to longer than a week or two. I have gotten roughly four weeks of use out of each bar of the Red Oxx Soap and they’re a steal at $5 each. Your mileage may vary, but the bars seems like a good value to me. I just started using my third bar, Oatmeal Spice, and at the current rate I won’t need to order any more until Thanksgiving time.

If you’re looking to clean up your act and leave the smell of the wild where you found it, consider giving the Red Oxx Soap a try. At $5 each it’s hard to go wrong. I highly recommend the Blood Orange and Bergamot or the Peppermint Leaf as a good place to start. When I place my next order, I’m even going to pick up an extra bar for the bug-out bag (hey, just cause things go to shit doesn’t mean we shouldn’t wash up!) and my camping kit. Head on over to the Red Oxx website for more details or to order some for yourself.

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