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Review: Gerber StrongArm

Purchasing a knife is often a sacred ritual among outdoor enthusiasts and gear junkies. Just like picking out the next accessory for your rig or the next piece of survival equipment for your kit, we tend to base our decisions on a couple of key factors. We look at cost, durability, performance in wide range of environments, as well as storage and mounting options. When we venture off the beaten path, we expect our gear to keep up with life’s demands and challenges. When Gerber created the StrongArm, there is no doubt that they had all of these facts in mind.

Review Gerber StrongArm KnifeThe Gerber StrongArm was designed as a rugged, “tough as hell” fixed blade to be used in a variety of real-world scenarios ranging from combat to survival. One of the first things I noticed about the StrongArm was that it was quite evident that Gerber designed it with durability in mind. The knife features a full tang, 4.8 inch 420HC steel blade. The blade is ceramic coated to protect if from wear and tear without inhibiting performance. The StrongArm can be ordered with either fine edge or partially serrated edge versions, and your choice of Black or Coyote Brown. I opted for the serrated version in Coyote Brown.

Review Gerber StrongArm KnifeThe StrongArm’s handle is ergonomic and comfortable. It has a non-slip feel to it thanks to the added rubberized diamond-textured grip. This texture ensures solid control of the knife in just about any condition and whether it is used with or without gloves. After field testing the StrongArm in a variety of situations, I can tell you that the handle always felt confident in the hand. I never worried about the blade slipping or shifting unpredictably, even in wet weather conditions.

Review Gerber StrongArm KnifeOne of the features I like most about the Gerber StrongArm is the modular sheath that comes with it. The sheath’s snap-together components allow you to mount the knife vertically on any MOLLE panel, horizontally on a standard 1.75″ tactical belt, or use it in a traditional drop-leg belt mounted fashion. Not only is the sheath completely versatile, but it also has solid retention that is firm, yet still provides a fast and smooth draw. The modular sheath is also equipped with thumb ramps on either side for assistance in retracting the knife if desired. The StrongArm fits into the sheath in either direction, which in turn make this setup quite southpaw friendly.

Review Gerber StrongArm KnifeThe StrongArm was put to the test a multitude of times during my review. It proved time and time again to stand up to it’s reputation. The blade retained its edge and durability against logs, sticks, ropes, sheet metal, and stumps. The knife also comes equipped with a striking pommel that is sturdy enough to handle any rescue task at hand, this includes breaking tempered glass. I utilized the pommel to break glass and practiced several times on the body panel of a junkyard vehicle. There was no structural damage or fatigue to the pommel itself.

Review Gerber StrongArm KnifeIf you’re looking for a dependable, multi purpose knife that will hold up to the demands of your adventures while not breaking the bank, I recommend the Gerber StrongArm. With its heavy-duty construction, highly customizable MOLLE sheath, and lifetime warranty, it’s a solid buy at $86. Oh yeah, did I mention it’s made in the USA as well? For more details on the Gerber StrongArm, or to see the full range of configurations it’s available in, check out their website. The StrongArm is now my “go to” knife and can be found on my MOTUS pack at all times.

Check out Gerber’s video below on the StrongArm …

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